Men chat with their girlfriends in 6 minutes

Men chat with their girlfriends in 6 minutes

Too many girls think that their boyfriend is not careful, often take a break when they communicate, and judge that her boyfriend does not love themselves enough.

  A survey of 2,000 men by Ladbrokes in the UK found that many men talk to their female companions for more than 6 minutes and cannot focus on their attention. However, if they discuss a football match or alternative sex with their same-sex friends, they can talk about 15 minutes or moreLong.

  The survey also showed that when men are watching sports, changing channels or playing games, it is most difficult for outsiders to get their attention.

If the topic person is a person, a colleague, a celebrity, or clothes that the male does not know, they will probably change the topic.

  More than a third of women said that when men are slow to respond to a problem, are at a loss or have a dull expression, it means that men are not listening to them.

  More than a quarter of women think that the problem becomes clearer when men can’t look away from their phones, tablets or TVs.

  More than 50% of men said that sports are the most popular topics, followed by movies and sex.

And 55% of women listed interpersonal relationships as a favorite topic with friends again.

  But it’s not just men.

Compared with talking to men, women and girlfriends have longer listening time.

  Investigators believe that it is natural for both sexes to pay attention to different things, and to find a balance between keeping pace with their partners and pursuing their own hobbies.