Think about it,The current power of the current go of the present,Its minister is more,The sent to the invigilator is also reasonable。

But she is a high school,Qualified invigilator,How much power has she got??True to be a school queen?
that’s it,Under her assistance, the scientific points of the science are successful.,Have a big applause again。
“Seniors, I really didn’t think you dared to invest in the exam date.,If it is not that I accidentally invade this game,Occupational disease,Be used to。”Star,“If it is not that I accidentally invade this,You now or will have been stained in the shame column.?”
“Cough,Excuse me,Next time I will go to the calendar before going out.。”Kee。
“no more chance,Next, graduation,You are interested in reading high four,Holding a student’s head is not going?”The star is cold and said。
“I really want to say this.”Corona is so embarrassed,The words of the next 硌硌 are interrupted by complex thoughts.。
Unconscious,Students’ aura has been expired.,The goal of loudly on the podium of the gym,Actually, I really realize it.,Successfully got the title of Yusheng chess before graduation。
Time is really fast。
After defeating the night,He has a moment of mentalness.,Whole people,Like a student who has just ended the college entrance examination,Forgot to celebrate,I also forgot to excite,Suspected is that everything is over。
His situation is similar,It’s relaxing for more than ten days.,Soak in a relaxed and serene,However, with gradual adaptation to this state,He has also begun to gradually feel clear and true,Just ending,Not life,Since you have to live, you will be able to pack it.!
So he picked up his trophy,Go to each acquaintance,The first is the autumn uncle and smoked,Then the Linying shop in the street next door。
He also went to the University of Tokyo,See the Shaofeng and White Dreams.,When he raised the trophy to the red door,I received respect from Japan’s highest academic government.——Applause。
He also directly visited the water city.,Her words have ended the promotion exam not long ago.,Waiting at home at home,I believe this champion trophy can bring good luck.。
In short,He has passed in memory this time in a corner.,I didn’t think of any opportunity to install, I didn’t expect it to go to the car at my school.,Here, his most basic disk。
“Say,Obviously, I didn’t have to stay in the school.,But why do I always think about this place??”Campus door,Corona looks at the signature of the Kujing High School,Can’t help but feel。
“Probably a student’s identity,Naturally with youth and vitality,Everyone who is mixed in the workplace,I will always think about finding a campus bench sitting down.,Quietly。”The star is also looking up at the signature。
“If you can,I really want to be a high school student in my life.。”Ke Landa booth,Smile with a little helpless。
Youth and vitality,It is really a good answer。
“So,Failed to my campus youth,I am going to pursue new youth.。”Kohungang’s signboard of the campus waved,Although it is still a cold day,But in the eyes, I suddenly gave birth to spring cherry blossoms.。
After the end of the last round,Rectangle returned to home,
Next, it will be officially
“open、it has started!”Qingdao Lu fell into the collision from the entrance to the corridor,What is important news to announce。
“it has started?”Science is instantly understanding the abstraction of each other。
Maybe just before,The competition of the war of the war announced。
Kohumang quickly came to the living room’s TV,If you do not find out that the sun-catching valley is accepting the interview of the media.,Announce related event information。
this moment,Suddenly came。
“I am finally able to start.,Two?”Leaning on the table,Look at two people in interested。
Kohong and Qingdao deer have caught pensive。
Both sides feel,During this period of the preparation competition,There will be a small riddle
Chapter two · Girlfriends rushing
“The moon war is officially announced!division·New star·Famous·Proposition·Dream paradise·Dragon·Royal Game·Slick,It is about to arrive at the top of his seven heads!”
“History is unique!The 18th year of age!”
“one day,Earthquake occurred in Tokyo,According to the survey,The reason is that Kohoang and her hometown are happy.,The bed suddenly collapsed.。”
“NS!How to mix a joke of a joke??Go out!Here is a regular news location!”
The news announced by the war of the moon,The chess community is again slowly moving.,The outside world is particularly concerned。