It took Dalin three glasses of wine to understand what Carlos was talking about.。

“I don’t know anything about the well of soul,Can’t give any useful advice。”
“Then analyze it from the perspective of a businessman。”
Kul Tiran people are businessmen,There is nothing wrong with this statement。
Dai Lin hesitated for a moment,Only cautiously。
“The one doesn’t want you to know what the soul well does,Or what happened at that time。”
“Yes,I actually think so too。look,Inference from experience,Actually get the result,Does it make sense?”
Carlos took a bite of the fruit in his hand,Juicy,Slightly sour and sweet,Very delicious。
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First658chapter You didn’t speak suddenly and looked into my eyes
If there is no well of eternity,This is what Azeroth counts as?”
A remote little planet in the vast universe。
“If there is no well of eternity,What is Elune??”
The high moon god,Stay away from this world。