A hundred sketches on this tripod body,Heavy and powerful,Printed on the edge of the medicine pot“Medicine King”Two words。

It seems that the other party’s gains in Medicine Ghost Valley are not only those he gave。
Xia Chenglong sits opposite,These are not things to consider now,What he has to do now is to adjust his breath to the best。
One in heaven and earth,A moment in the high sun,The fire aura between heaven and earth reaches its peak,Xiao Lao opened his eyes instantly,A ball of golden flame was thrown directly into the cauldron。
He didn’t use the ghost fire,Because I’m not familiar with the nature of flame,It will cause a great failure rate during alchemy。
Originally small fireball,After entering the medicine cauldron, it turned into a raging flame,Even outside,Can feel the temperature of the flame。
It is strange that this medicine cauldron can perfectly isolate the temperature of the flame,Good baby,If it weren’t for he could not make medicine,This kind of baby will be greedy。
“Concentrate,I’m going to start。”
Old Xiao reminds me seriously,Wave of arm,Countless medicinal materials were incorporated into the medicine pot in an instant,The flame surrounded all the medicinal materials that entered the cauldron。
The steps of refining pill can be generally divided into,refining,Soft,Anti-robbery,Harvest,If you are more detailed, you can count the hot pot and the final harvest pot。
What Xiao is doing now is the first step,refining,This seems a very simple thing,It’s really hard to reach the sky。
Not just burning medicinal materials into powder,But to refine the essence,Remove useless residue,Need to control the flame temperature to an extremely harsh level。
Average herbs are okay,It can be refined by just doing it,But this high-grade medicinal material,It’s definitely not that easy to refine。
Old Xiao’s mental power plunged directly into the medicine cauldron,Subdivided into a number of medicinal materials that control the extraction,Just this hand,Absolutely the name of the Supreme Alchemist。
Don’t need him at the moment,Xia Chenglong was not idle either,He is hurrying to study。
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Dan Cheng
Refining this link alone,Xiao Lao went on for four hours,This is because of unfamiliarity with medicinal materials,Two copies were destroyed,Fortunately, they have enough reserves,No need to worry。
Wait until all the medicinal materials are refined,Elder Xiao took a short rest,Xia Chenglong didn’t dare to bother,He doesn’t have much say in this kind of thing。
“Xia Xiaoyou,I need your help next。”