MM must see the tips of diet and weight loss

MM must see the tips of diet and weight loss

The main reason for obesity is overeating.
A small bottle of shochu (white wine) is 600 calories, which is equivalent to a meal.
Add the wine here and it will be more.
Especially in the evening, when drinking and eating greasy food, more than the required amount of heat will be directly converted into fat.
If you eat more fruit, you will gain weight.
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However, you should lose 1,000 calories after you start losing weight (one-third of the recommended daily intake).
By eating slowly and habits and self-psychological hypnosis of “I can lose weight,” 200-300 calories per day can be sustained.
According to a recent statistical report, more than 50% of Korean women in their 40s exceed standard weight.
In particular, obese women over 20% of the average body weight account for 26%, which is twice the proportion of overweight people (13%) in men in their 40s.
銆€銆€Rather than eating enough, it is better to say that you are not hungry. A 40-year-old woman who has maintained a standard weight of 50 kilograms for nearly 20 years said: “Many people ask me if I have a special sports secret?
If you have to say something, it is better to say that you are not full of food.
“She left a meal and she will throw it away decisively. There is a tableware in the refrigerator freezer that is specially used to take back the leftovers.”
銆€銆€”A few years ago, I read the overseas newsletter to introduce the life creed of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.
I read the title and thought it was amazing. The result was not.
The title is 鈥楰nocking 50 kg in weight anyway’, and next to it’s 鈥榯he feast on the feast to eat with your eyes’.
This article reminds people that in order to maintain a balanced body, painful temperance is required.
She left such advice.
Don’t be reluctant to leave the family’s food, don’t stay up late to prepare the children’s lunch boxes, breakfast is messy, and dinner should be like a donkey.
銆€銆€200 calorie recipe recommended to dieters
銆€銆€<渚?> 銆€銆€Small bowl of rice – one-third bowl Beef radish soup – one-third bowl Tofu brain 70g Mixing mushrooms 80g Light kimchi 30g
銆€銆€<渚?> 銆€銆€Small bowl of rice – one-third bowl Mushroom seaweed soup (half mushroom, 15 grams of bean paste, one-third cup of seaweed soup) Radish juice dried seafood 50g Fried tofu 2 slices (30g)
銆€銆€銆€<渚?> 銆€銆€銆€灏忕绫抽キ – 涓夊垎涔嬩竴纰?銆€銆€槌€楸兼捣钘绘堡 – 3鍒嗕箣涓€纰?銆€銆€鐗涜倝鍖呰彍(鐦﹁倝)50鍏?銆€銆€鐢熻儭钀濆崪 30鍏?銆€銆€鍜歌彍 30鍏?銆€銆€鎷屾姊?30鍏?銆€銆€*鎵€鏈夎彍锛岄兘瑕佹贰寰楄嚜宸变篃鍙桸o.
銆€銆€(It is too salty to eat, the appetite will rebound, and the thirst will drink more water, which will also hinder the basic principle of Chinese medicine to lose weight to develop vegetarian habits.
If you want to live a comfortable and enjoyable life while losing excess fat, I suggest you not to try your own way to lose 5kg a week.
The speed of weight loss is best maintained at 0.
5kg ~ 1kg can be, fast and intense weight loss will make the body feel tired, but also easy to “return fat.”
銆€銆€Daily you should guarantee basic nutrition: 1 cup of milk a day: If the milk is not enough, the body will absorb the calcium in the bones to supplement, then the nails will lack luster, if you exercise, it is easy to get hurt.
銆€銆€One egg a day: Fresh eggs contain the high-quality protein and minerals that chicks need before hatching, which is a daily essential nutrient for humans.
銆€銆€A piece of fish and meat with less fat: a large palm or fish with a calorie of about 80 calories.
When the fish and meat are not adequately ingested, it is easy to feel tired, and the hair is dry and even physiologically unsatisfactory.
銆€銆€Beans and soy products: If you rely entirely on animal protein, you are prone to “civilized diseases”, so beans and soy products are essential.
銆€銆€There is at least one vegetable in each of the three meals a day: insufficient intake of vegetables, lack of luster on the skin, and 鈥渟mall acne鈥?on the face.
銆€銆€The average potato is one day: potato is a treasure trove of vitamin C and dietary fiber, and it is easy to get a sense of fullness and cooking methods. It is a good choice for slimming menu.
銆€銆€Fruit one day: Vitamin C in vegetables loses 50% after cooking, and the fruit can be eaten in the freshest state.
However, most fruits contain high levels of sugar, so treat them as snacks or snacks.
銆€銆€Staple food: This is a necessity for three meals a day. It is also a necessity to ensure that you have plenty of physical strength. The right amount of staple food can make you feel full, and you will not eat other snacks because you are hungry, so that you are obese.