Hot stock market sparks upsurge in subscriptions among citizens-Super Week 31 funds all launched

Hot stock market sparks upsurge in subscriptions among citizens: “Super Week” 31 funds all launched
Original Title: Incremental Fund Running Entry!The hot stock market has triggered a wave of subscriptions among citizens. This week ushered in a super week of fund issuance. 31 funds were all affected by the delay in the resumption of sales channel end. Many of the funds originally planned to be issued in early February chose to expand the fundraising period.However, following the recent market boom, the expansion of the fundraising did not have an enthusiasm for investors to subscribe. For example, the Yongying Technology Driven Fund issued the previous week, the subscription was hot on the day of listing, and the half-day fundraising limit reached 8 billion.Eventually, the fundraising ended with a scale of nearly 10 billion yuan.  It is said that China, a brokerage firm, understands that the fund will launch in the near future.Wind data statistics show that 31 funds will be launched this week, which is the highest forecast for the recent issuance, including Bank of Communications Schroderius, Huaxia Xiangyang, which will be opened for two years, Ruiyuan’s balanced value, Anxin value return, and E Fund research selection.Internal multiple star funds.  Affected by the channel, many funds have a good supplementary issuance volume. Many companies continue to repeat their work. Many funds originally scheduled to be issued at the end of the Spring Festival holiday have been affected by the epidemic beyond the time of fundraising.  E Fund announced on February 6 the “Announcement on Supplementary Raising of E Fund CSI Hong Kong Securities Investment Themed Transaction Open Index Securities Investment Fund”.According to the announcement, “Because of the recent epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection, in order to meet the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the fund manager decided to replace the fund raising time, and the specific release time will be announced again.”” On February 14, E Fund’s official website issued another announcement saying that the fundraising time for E Fund’s CSI Hong Kong securities investment theme trading type open index securities investment fund shares has been confirmed, from February 24, 2020 to March 20206th.It can be seen that the support of all parties required for the issuance of the fund is ready.  An insider of a fund company in South China told brokerage Chinese reporters that the funds raised through their own restructuring were mainly due to the bank’s channel side controlling the issuance rhythm.”In fact, since the resumption of work after two years, we also hope that the products can be issued as scheduled. From the perspective of investment, it is also a good time. However, there is a lot of pressure on the channel side of the bank.A referral cannot completely replace direct communication and recommendation with customers offline.”A bank’s public offering talked about supplemental issuance, and also pointed out the reason for the channel side.She said that the epidemic did not make much difference to the entire public fundraising industry, especially the support of China and Taiwan, but for channels, it was only possible to replace direct visits through online live broadcast, WeChat, and telephone communication.Banks are also simultaneously promoting online transactions and online services, with some changes in the path, but the final results presented are also quite satisfactory.”We predicted that this product was released because the lead underwriter suggested that the epidemic situation was serious, and everyone discussed and decided to release it.”” The merger lists some funds that are pre-replenished with the fundraising time: it can be found that most of the reorganized funds were originally funded at the early February time interval, during the gap between the Spring Festival holiday extension and the postponement of corporate resumption.Therefore, the fund companies have chosen a pre-raising time.However, from the existing announcements, the expected time is not long, generally around 1 to 2 weeks.  Obviously, some funds that had begun to raise before the Spring Festival were scattered and directly affected by the epidemic, so they chose to extend the fundraising period.For example, Chuangjin Hexin Fund issued the “Announcement on Extending the Fundraising Period of Chuangjin Hexin Xinyi Hybrid Securities Investment Fund” on February 6, 2020. The announcement showed that the original deadline for the fundraising was February 7, 2020, in order to fully meet the investment requirements.For investment needs of investors, Chuangjin Hexin Fund Management Co., Ltd., after agreeing with the fund custodian Ningbo Bank Co., Ltd., decided to extend the fundraising date of the Fund from the original February 7, 2020 to April 10,  After the early collection, the subscription is even more popular. The Yongying Technology-driven Hybrid Securities 南宁桑拿 Investment Fund originally scheduled to be raised on February 5 will be launched on February 12 about a week later.It is reported that after opening the subscription, customers showed great enthusiasm, and the subscription event continued to be hot.As of 10:00 am that day, nearly 4 billion has been raised, and by the noon, it has raised 8 billion.Judging from the information learned from the main channels, many channel personnel have already made a payment rhythm in the afternoon, and finally the fundraising has ended with a scale of nearly 10 billion yuan.  During the new launch of the Yongying Technology Driven Fund, the Bank of Ningbo traded more than 3.4 billion in a single day. According to some account managers of the Bank of Ningbo, the original sales were expected to be 2-3 days without problems. Who knows too hot, customers who have reserved many years agoMissed investment opportunity.It can be seen that during the expected fundraising period, further accumulation of investor enthusiasm for subscription is one of the reasons for the emergence of explosive funds.  Brokerage China learned from the e-commerce platform that the major e-commerce platforms were also selling well at the fundraising, reflecting the strength of online channels.Under the influence of the epidemic, the transformation of funds’ online sales has also become a trend.  In addition, the Chuangjin Hexin Xinyi Hybrid Securities Investment Fund, which mentioned the extension of the three-month fundraising period mentioned above, will also end the fundraising in advance.The announcement of the fund shows that “the end date of the fundraising was advanced from the original April 10, 2020 to February 19, 2020, that is, the fund’s last fundraising day was February 19, 2020 and February 20, 2020 ((Including the date) will no longer accept subscription applications.”It can be seen from the recent boom in the capital market that the smoothness of fundraising has exceeded previous expectations.  The fund’s first “Super Week” will soon be followed by a crowded release of funds after the replenishment of multiple funds.For example, the Minsheng and Banking excellent configuration 6-month hybrid fund fund (FOF) originally scheduled to be issued on February 6 and the Bank of Communications Schroderius originally scheduled to be issued on February 10 will be closed for three years.Securities investment funds will be available for sale on February 17, which is Monday.  According to Wind statistics, there will be 31 fund launches this week, the highest advance in the near future, including Bank of Communications Schroderius, Huaxia Xiangyang scheduled for two years, Ruiyuan balanced value, Anxin value return, E Fund research selectionInternal multiple star funds.  Everbright Metals latest position data shows that as of the close of February 7, the positions of equity funds have significantly increased.Among them, the average position of stock funds rose 4 week on week.83 averages, returning to 90% high; the average position of partial stock hybrid funds reached 88.71% week-on-week increase of 7.89 averages.  In addition, according to statistics, after the holiday, more than 100 equity funds have been released for large-scale purchases, and incremental funds on the fund side are running to enter the market.