Acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis should select some acupuncture points

Acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis should select some acupuncture points

The ground hole is in the face of the human body, outside the mouth of the mouth, straight up to the pupil.

Chest compartment body shorts are located on the cheeks, about 1 horizontal finger (middle finger) in front of the mandibular angle, when the chewing muscles bulge, press the depression.

The treatment of facial paralysis is generally punctured to the ground.

Yintang is located in the forehead, when the intersection between the two brows and the front centerline.

Massage Yintang points can be used to refresh the eyes, remove headaches, pass blood and other effects.

The Yangbai point is located on the face, directly above the pupil, about two centimeters from the upper edge of the eyebrow.

Generally with the temple, the eye point, the fish waist point treatment of red eyes and swelling, eye fainting, ptosis and so on.

The temple temple is in front of the auricle, the forehead is double, and the outer corner of the eye is above the extension line.

In the depression behind the two eyebrows.

The main symptoms of the temple are: headache, migraine, eye fatigue, toothache and other diseases.

The temple is an important acupuncture point in the human head. In the “Dharma Secrets”, this point will be listed as “rejuvenation method”. It is believed that this method can keep the brain’s youth constantly and rejuvenate.

When people continue to use the brain continuously, the temple often has the feeling of heavy pressure or pain, which is the signal of brain fatigue.

At this time, the massage effect will be very significant.

Massage the temples can give the brain a benign stimulus, relieve fatigue, invigorate the spirit, relieve pain, and continue to maintain concentration.

The four white points are located on the human face, and the pupils are straight down, when the lower holes of the chromosomes are depressed.

When looking for this acupuncture point, you can put your forefinger and middle finger together and place it close to the nose of the nose. The middle finger is placed in the middle of the nose, which is one-half of the nose. The thumb is supported in the depression of the mandible, and then the middle finger is lowered.The point pointed by the tip of the index finger is the four white points.

Often equipped with Yangbai point, Dacang point, retina car hole, Hegu point to rule the mouth and eye; with the bamboo hole to treat eyelids (mesh) movement.

The Yingxiang point is located on the face of the human body, and is about one centimeter of wrinkles next to the nose (beside the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose, when in the nasolabial fold).

The main diseases of this point are: rhinitis, nasal congestion, sinusitis, runny nose, nasal disease, toothache, cold, etc.

Poke this hole to stop toothache and laxative function.

The pulp hole is in the face of the human body, when it is in the middle depression of the labial groove.

The hole is located in the lower part of the eye, and the lower edge of the humerus is in the depression.

Indications of mouth and eyes are skewed, eye movements, red eyes, yellow eyes, tooth pain, facial nerve paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia and so on.

Straight thorn 0.


5 inches, oblique or thorns 0.

5-1 inches.

The sacral ear lobe is located at the base of the ear, and the fracture between the skeletal mastoid and the posterior margin of the mandibular mandibular branch.

When the facial paralysis is treated, it can penetrate the upper and lower sides of the front of the mandible.

The first joint of the thumb of Hegu’s hand is facing the tiger’s mouth of the other hand. The thumb is flexed and pressed, and the fingertip is the Hegu point.

Hegu acupoint belongs to the acupuncture point of the hand-yangming large intestine. It is a very important and easy to use acupuncture point. Any face disease, toothache, headache, fever, dry mouth, nosebleed, neck pain, sore throat and other facial diseasesIt has curative effect.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to patients with poor physical condition, it is not appropriate to give supplemental stimulation, pregnant women generally do not massage Hegu.