Lu Shanshan tears in her eyes,She never thought,My father actually said this。She is his daughter,He let himself go,Isn’t this to sever the parental relationship??He ignores Lin Tong’s relationship between husband and wife,Disregarding the relationship with his father and daughter,In his opinion,Lu Ling and Zhang Lan are more important than anyone else。Zhang Lan is a third party,Why step on Lin Tong’s head?

Lu Shanshan can’t stand it,I scolded the couple:“You guys really thought that we mother and daughter were gone,Can you inherit everything from the Lu family??I tell you,Not so easy。You grabbed it today,Will be destroyed sooner or later。Don’t think you are the winner,Not to the last moment,I don’t know who is the winner。”
Zhang Lan is the third party,The skin is not so thick,She responded:“Shan Shan,How can you a girl say such a poisonous thing,Your mother didn’t teach you well,But you are so old,Ignorant??You don’t know,What to say,Shouldn’t you say something?”
Lu Shanshan responded:“I only know that I have to be worthy of my conscience,Don’t do anything wrong,Naturally not afraid of anything。Zhang Lan,Are you scared。I’m on your mind,A third party like you,There will be no good results。”
Lu Shihong was even more angry:“evil creature,Lin Tong, you bitch,What kind of barriers have been born。How can I say that about elders?,This evil,I knew I should starve you to death when you were young。She was a useless daughter,I’ll give you a bite of rice,Already a gift to you,You don’t know how to be grateful,Still talking about elders?I won’t kill your wicked daughter today,My surname is not Lu。”
Lu Shihong raised his slap to kill Lu Shanshan,Zhang Lan pretended to persuade:“Lu Ge,do not be angry,Get angry,This kid is disobedient,Just get a good education。You see her mother is sinister and vicious,How can I teach a good daughter??Let me see,Why not let Shanshan marry earlier,Naturally someone will discipline her if she gets married。”
Lu Shanshan saw Zhang Lan suddenly stepped forward and blocked,She was impatient,Go forward and entangle Zhang Lan,Who knows that,And threw Zhang Lan,She just gave birth。
“Murderer,You two are murderers。Killed my sister,To kill my younger siblings,Why don’t you die quickly。You two mother and daughter won’t die in one day,I won’t let you go for a day。”
Lu Shanshan remembered,Killed myself。Although it wasn’t her intention,But she killed that life,She can’t blame others。
Lu Shanshan is not clear about the current situation of the Lu family,She couldn’t help others when she was Shen Zhiyue。Can’t help now。
“Ding Ding Ding”
A man named Ma Lin came over,Lu Shanshan was taken aback first,Then connected。
It took a while for the person across to speak:“Shan Shan,it’s me。Actually I wanted to find,Your boyfriend is Shen Zhiyue?Sorry,I shouldn’t talk too much。”
Chapter Sixty Six Be confessed