Qiao Yiyi and Li Qianying also held their hands tightly together,Looking forward to Luo Yilin。

Luo Yilin looked a little nervous,Pursed his lips,Then opened his mouth gently,Seems to want to speak up,But unfortunately,Although her mouth is open,But still no sound。
Luo Yilin’s face changed,Obviously something unexpected,Open your mouth again and try to speak,But still no sound。
When Mo Xiaosheng and others saw this, their expressions were also pale,Qi Qi turned around and looked at the public face。
The smile on the public face at this time also disappeared,Seems to be a little surprised。
“Oh shit,Didn’t you say it will be effective in half an hour??”
Li Zhen frowned,One strode to the front of the public,Tore his collar,Asked sharply,“Say,You gave it to Miss Luo,What is it?”
The public face was mentioned by Li Zhen,Breathing is a little laborious,Said with a flushed neck:“I’m telling the truth,Take this medicine for half an hour,Miss Luo should be able to speak……”
Li Zhen looked cold,I want to give this public a taste of color,But the public face seems to realize that it is not good,Shrank suddenly,Got out of the jacket very flexibly,Then he rushed to Qiao Yiyi’s,Grabbed the cup in Qiao Yiyi’s hand,Fell heavily on Luo Yilin。
“Be careful!”
Mo Xiaosheng shouted at this moment,I have already rushed past,Suddenly blocked Luo Yilin,But what surprised Mo Xiaosheng,This cup was not smashed at Luo Yilin,But flew by Luo Yilin,Directly hit the wall at the head of the hospital bed。