Swallow answered immediately。

“what?Isn’t it!So drag!Amazing Liu Xiaoyun!”
Qin Liang was overjoyed this time!
“That’s right,Who is our Xiaoyun??That’s the female middle school Zhuge,Ha ha……”Yanzi also praised Liu Xiaoyun by the way,Although this matter is the result of everyone working closely together,But none of these people will take credit,So Liu Xiaoyun is not here,All the credit for this success has been buckled on her head。
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Chapter one hundred and ninety seven Just rob
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“Boss,What are we going to do next?Do you want to kill the door??”
Yang Zhi is already eager to try……
“Do not,Without knowing anything,Don’t do it hard……Let me think。”
Qin Liang shook his head,Vetoed Yang Zhi’s proposal,Then frowned and wandered around the room,Everyone knows that he is thinking about the next course of action,So the room was silent for a while,No one speaks anymore。
“Ha ha……Someone from their dealer came to visit me the day before yesterday,Then I will visit him too。”
ten minutes later,Qin Liang has a good idea。
“Qin Liang,I don’t agree that you are in danger alone!”
Yang Shiyun immediately stopped Qin Liang,Although she knows Qin Liang’s individual combat capability,But one person goes deep into the tiger’s den,It’s very dangerous anyway,And since there are so many people here,There is no need to take it to the door alone!
“rest assured,I’m not that stupid!There are so many experts in you,I’m going alone?My head is flooded, OK?,Please,I’m sorry too,Hey Hey……”