Ground sauerkraut

Ground sauerkraut

The original name of thistle is small thistle, a perennial herb of the family Asteraceae.

It is found all over China and is commonly found in fields, fields, ditches, wetlands, and wild grasses everywhere.

Su Song said: “Small thistles are everywhere, common name (green thistle), 2-3 inches is very good for eating vegetables.

“The base thistle leaves are pinnately cracked, with sharp spikes on the edges, enlarged roots, purple-red flowers, and the color of thistle.

Large thistle and small thistle are plants of different genera in the same family with similar properties and are used for medicinal purposes.

  It is sweet, cool and non-toxic.

  Ingredients Thistle contains volatile oils, alkaloids, resins, inulin, and cyanide.

The whole thistle contains alkaloids and saponins.

  The pharmacological water infusion, ethanol-water infusion and ethanol leaching solution were tested on anesthetized animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits, and proved to lower blood pressure.

The same test of thistle proves that it has a more significant and lasting blood pressure lowering effect.

  The function is large, the toxicity of thistle clears away heat and detoxifies, reduces inflammation, stops bleeding, restores liver function, and promotes the regeneration of liver cells. It is suitable for acute fever-induced bleeding, yellow glaucoma, hepatitis, hot shower, urine and blood.

  [传染性肝炎]  大、小蓟鲜草适量,捣烂绞汁,温水和服,每次服一小杯。30 grams of thistle root daily, decoction twice.

  [尿路感染,(膀恍炎及肾盂肾炎)血尿]  小蓟草15克,马兰根15克,水煎服。  [肾炎尿蛋白不消失,肝炎转氨酶不下降]  大蓟根15克,意茁仁根30克,水煎服。  [血友病,口鼻出血,紫斑]  鲜大蓟草捣汁,和入少许黄酒,每次服一小杯,一日2-3次。  [妇女血崩,经漏]  大、小蓟连根苗30克,益母草15克,水煎,一日2次分服。  [高血压]  大、小蓟3-15克,水煎代茶。  [刀伤(外伤)出血]  小蓟苗洗净捣烂涂敷,干则换之。  [小儿黄水疮,湿烂痒痛]  小蓟叶捣烂,涂疮上,干即换之。  [痈疮热毒,疥癣湿痒]  鲜小蓟根、叶与食盐少许,一起捣烂敷于患部,或煎汤洗。