“A second soul,Dare to speak out!”Black You Taoist sneered,The ghost flag in the hand moves。

In an instant,A hundred and eight weird ghosts came out,Invisible power pervades,Pounce on the white figure。
The strength of each of these ghosts has reached the early stage of Vientiane,And contains invisible astral shock,And impermanence。
“Attack against the soul!”Li Ming frowned,The soul contained in the second soul is not as good as the deity,The ability to resist this attack is slightly worse。
He clasped a small flying sword in his hand,As it prepares to explode, save the second soul。
But the next moment,Even Li Ming was a little http://www.leshengwenhua.cn surprised。
I saw the white second soul,A seemingly ordinary long knife appeared in his hand。
Not to use magic power to control magic weapons,But simply swinging a knife。
Knife light,A force that cuts off the red dust and smoke and fire is integrated into the knife,Just one turn。
Hundreds of Li ghosts are clearly roaring,Swept away by this knife,Like ice and snow in the sun,Directly ablated。
This stunned the practitioners who could observe this scene。
however,The knife light did not stop,The sharp breath rippling in the void,Directly collided with those five white bones。
Although the Bone Shield is also an evil magic weapon refined from common bones,But it’s not something weird like Li Gui,Knife light does not have many grams for production,But it also cut three cracks in one of the five bone shields。
“This knife。。。I don’t think it’s like http://www.ningbodianqi.cn a Buddhist technique,And the magical aura of his second soul,It is indeed similar to Buddhism Pure Land。”Li Ming, who retracted Xiaofeijian from his palm, looked at the light and was a little amazed:“At least comprehend one way,For a Yuanshen Taoist,It is entirely possible to step into the earth fairy level by this!”
“It’s you!”As if seeing a ghost,Black You Dao Ren’s face changed a lot,Wave of hand,Put his disciples in the blood ship,Driving the spaceship directly。
did not expect,This murderous name,Faintly, Saito is the second strongest http://www.schongji.cn person in Leiyuan Small World after the fairy,Facing this white second soul so scared,Don’t even dare to say harsh words,Just slipped away。
“It was him!”Li Ming, who is hiding below, also sighed slightly。