In fact,No one is sleeping in the evening.。

All are sitting in practice。
Only in the summer is a bit uncomfortable。
Very awkward。
He can’t press itself.。
Really,His harvest in Runhai is too huge。
After the end,Immediately enter the Jiuwengong Cave Practice,At that time, there was this feeling.。
When the mountain sea illusion assessment,Judging the strong people in Linghai,Summer is very likely that the threshold of Wu Zong。
But at that time,Summer is still not clarifying this world’s practice concept。
And now,Plus the sixth perspective,All kinds of accumulation,His outbreak is inevitable。
There is also the most important point。 After coming to this world,He almost dares to waste a little time。
In addition to the necessary matters,All time is used to practice and feel。
This is nature is very good.,But there is also a disadvantage。
That is that it is very tight that his heart string has been collapsed.,Require yourself,Thereby a huge pressure。
If you continue in the Jiuweng Dragon Practice,This pressure slowly deteriorate。
No longer the driving force,Instead, it turns a resistance。
This world is practiced in artistic and mood,Valid。
coincidentally,He concluded cultivation,Follow the river forest,Everyone’s mentality is careful and nervous,Bulloushead。
There is no such mentality in the summer.,Instead, open the mind。
So,Can’t press it again。
But I don’t want to break through the summer in summer.。
He also has a bigger ambition。
Trying to reach Wu Zong’s later or peak。
To know,The genius of this attendant Wuchenai,One more excellent,One than a enchanting。
It is said that there are still four or five people that have broken through the Wu Wang.。
The lowest is also the Wuzong level。
If it breaks through the ordinary Wu Zong,There is no advantage in the assessment.。
“I rely on……”Unfold,Sitting down,Take out that like a wooden non-wood,Like Jinfeijin token,Sense of great appearance。
It is worth mentioning that,Token perceive the original five rune lines,Now there is only two。