It’s late today,So the formal training will start tomorrow,in the afternoon2-3point,Zhang Zhongxiong personally guided,3-5Free training。。

I took a bath in the martial arts gym,When undressed,I saw some parts that were not protected by the protective gear were blue and purple,Can’t help cursing the crazy woman surnamed Fang:“I still give you face today,You are so cruel,You wait,Someday i will repay you double!”
Talk about it,But when I think of her flowery face,Just disappeared,After all, men tend to be soft-hearted to young and beautiful girls。
Fifty six、Called a scumbag
The martial arts hall has been found,Not rushing back to school,I took Xiang Qingru and the others to find a nice restaurant near Furong Commercial Building for dinner。
Xiang Qingru asked curiously:“What happened after you followed the curator in?I think you are in a good mood。”
I can’t tell her about pairing with Fang Xianjing,Although I never thought about coming together with her,But you can’t watch her knock over the vinegar jar,Smiled:“I joined Director Zhang’s special training class,Quanwu Pavilion6personal,This can be regarded as recognition of my ability,Don’t you think this is something to be happy about?”
Xiang Qingru is really happy for me,But if it wasn’t for her to come to the martial arts gym today,She really didn’t know that I was so good at martial arts,So I asked:“When did you learn martial arts?I never heard of you practicing martial arts in school before!”
“Tell you the truth,I have never practiced martial arts,Just exercise every day,The ability to react faster,If it wasn’t for fighting,I don’t even know that I have a talent for martial arts。”
Song Qi grasped the point and asked immediately:“fight,With whom to fight?”
My half-truth:“Lu meets a few punks and bullies,So I went to persuade,I didn’t expect to beat them away in twos or twos。”
Song Qi hold it with both hands,Little star,Sweet smile:“Wow!Is it a hero to save the beauty?,It’s really romantic。”
Xiang Qingru was half to death by saying this,How can there be such a traitorous roommate and best friend?,The hand under the table pinched the flesh of her waist,Song Qi jumped up in pain。