Shen Ruoxi rolled her eyes and said。

“Speak?How much is a ticket?I will buy one year,By the way,any discount?Do you have a membership card?”
Qin Liang said nonchalantly。now,Liu Xiaoyun has caught Shen Ruoxue,Two girls are screaming and laughing“Scuffle”Together,Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin were coaxing and cheering on the two little girls。
“Have Diamond Supreme Membership Card,One million,Pay the money,Please give cash。”
Shen Ruoxi said seriously,Then stretched out a little white hand,Spread out in front of Qin Lai Nian,Looks like waiting to receive money。
“I have a hasty!cash?Are you sure you can get a million cash?Do you know how heavy a million cash is?”
Qin Liang asked in surprise。
“Then you don’t have to worry about it……I just called the girls to help,No ink,Hurry up and pay,cash!Hurry up。”
Shen Ruoxi has a look of love!
“Ruined,Whenever my daughter-in-law got into Qian’er’s eyes?”
Qin Liang is full of loss。
“look,Talk about paying,Immediately began to change the subject,You men!Ugh……”Shen Ruoxi said with a disappointed expression,Of course she did it on purpose,She won’t really get into the eyes of money,Qin Liang is not really unable to come up with a million cash!
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