“Your sister Shiyun and I have made arrangements for this,She will try to find clues to Xiao Yuer’s parents and previous home as soon as possible,Let’s help her get rid of her heart disease,She will heal soon。”

Qin Liang comforted everyone。
“If that guy stays alive,Or nonsense,what is it now?”
Liu Xiaoyun said suddenly。
“It’s not impossible……That guy knew it was dead,I can live a few more days without saying,In the end, we must prepare for this in advance。”
Yang Shiyun nodded and answered。
“This is okay,If that guy comes to this set with you,I asked the base to send an official letter,That the bastard was suspected of spying on military intelligence,Let you hand him over to us for investigation,I don’t believe it,In my hands,Dare he not recruit!Unless he wants to taste what it is like to die!”
Qin Liang said coldly。
No one speaks anymore,People in the room,Except for Ling Mofeng,I have seen Qin Liang deal with it with my own eyes“enemy”Cruel means,Now just remember those pictures once,I was very scared,Conceivable;If the drug lord is really handed over to Qin Liang,I’m afraid he will recruit or not recruit,Will taste what is called“Life is better than death”The taste of!
“What happen to you guys?Why don’t you speak anymore?Don’t you think I’m cruel to say this??Think about how cruel he was when he killed Yu’er’s parents?Think again,He gave Yu’er an aphrodisiac,Things that want to ruin Yu’er are cruel and not cruel?For people like him,Your kindness and compassion are unnecessary, right??”
Qin Liang vaguely guessed what everyone thinks,So immediately said confidently。
“Yes,Brother-in-law is right!Someone like him,Shouldn’t let him continue to live in the world!He is alive,There will be more people unlucky,There will be more little girls like Yuer ruined in his hands!Such people,I was already dead!I can’t punish him excessively!Because he deserved it,Deserve retribution!”
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Regardless of who the apprentice is
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