Mr. Hotpot Youdu: Understanding Chinese Culture by Reading Journey to the West

“Mr. Hotpot” Youdu: Understanding Chinese Culture by Reading “Journey to the West”
With only nine games, Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Foreign Aid Yudu has become the league’s new “title king”, averaging 5 times the data far away from other players.It is said that there is another Chinese called “hot pot”, and Youdu said: “Then call me” Mr. Hot Pot “.”It’s just one aspect of Yodo’s excellent defensive ability.After being activated, his performance made the fans call “We finally have a hard core inside”, and the team has long known that he will make the outside amazing.Fans actually have another expectation-to become a member of Youdu Reading Club.Youdu has improved the inner cable hardness of Shougang.Figure / Osports from “parallel imports” to “true fragrance” Many people’s intuitive impression of Youdu came from this summer’s men’s basketball World Cup, he played on behalf of the Nigerian team, is not the main force, the data is not picky.In the battle to determine the fate of the Chinese men’s basketball team, he played the highest light performance, but instead received a scolding.The official announcement of the Shougang Club claimed that Youdu was a “buffet-stretched rich man, facing a madman”, catching the ball “eating cake”, low singles, and guarding the basket.However, his performance at the World Cup once made the outside world question these exaggerations, even saying that he was suspected of being “parallel.”The fact is that, in his second CBA game, Youdu sent 8 titles, 4 steals, 5 dunks and 19 rebounds + 34 points in front of tens of thousands of Wukesong fans.Later, everyone gradually learned that whether it is to reach for the opponent’s shot, or lower the center of gravity to start the ball, the height is 2.At 08 meters, the wingspan reached 2.The 28-meter Yodo is a routine operation.In the recent games against Guangsha, Zhejiang and Shanxi, Youdu’s top numbers were 8, 6 and 6 respectively.In the sauna, Ye Wang once asked him any secrets. He smiled and replied: “Actually nothing, I started to practice defense when I was very young. I have a long arm and a good length to practice these, and the perennial training allows me to seize the opportunityGo do this.”An effective block or steal on the basketball court can sometimes be as effective as a dunk. In Yudu, those are all means to help the team.” If you can create an opportunity for the team to attack and defense conversion, help the team account forTake the initiative, why not do it?”The two are good at Youdu.”Figure / Shougang Sports and Dahan non-competitive relationship Shougang men’s basketball team announced earlier this month to replace Hamilton with Youdu, but fans and self-media to correct this wave of operations is a bit risky, thinking that if the substitution is unsuccessful, you will lose the team’s score, Or maybe change back to Dahan, wasting two exchanges of foreign aid in vain.In fact, Youdu reported to the Shougang team in early September. After nearly two months of joint training, his ability to coach and his teammates could not be more clear.”Youdu is the 6th pick in the first round of the (NBA2010) draft. Such a high pick must make sense,” the team insider told Sauna, Yewang. “His defensive ability is top-notch, andPassed the Champions League MVP.The team never doubted his ability and role.”After the league started, in the days waiting to be activated, once the team was in Beijing, Youdu never missed a training class.Even after training on the morning of the match day, he still has to practice shooting and other personal skills with the assistant coach after the training program arranged by the team.”I have been preparing physically and psychologically. From training with teammates to watching them play, it is a process of establishing a chemical reaction with the team.You Du believes that this process can help him integrate the system at a speed and speed, and play a role.Youdu’s internal line “cover the sky” also made many fans lament “Hamilton is in danger”.However, when Dahan returned to the team in September, he denied that the two were in a competitive relationship, and Youdu did not agree to compare the two.”Justin’s shooting is very good, is a very comprehensive player, our type is different.”” Shougang’s “Twin Towers” once played a dominant performance in the preseason. Both of them mentioned “joint control of the three-second zone”, and their positions on the court did not conflict.Youdu played an important role in Shougang’s system.Photo / Osports Stadium tough guy is still the president of the book club. Before the game, he once had a public appearance.At that time, his identity was the president of the book club.The tough appearance and the reader’s Sven are really difficult to connect, and at that small fan meeting, You Du very seriously introduced his reading club: “Normally, the image of an athlete is not like reading, but ILike, this is how I interact with the fans.I have been hosting this book club for the past 8 years, from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, including my playing in the Turkish League and last year in Utah.Now, I want to bring it to Beijing, hoping to have more exchanges with everyone, rather than gradually social media.”You Du is reading the English version of Journey to the West.”The first members of Tu / Youdu’s social media development are his teammates.”I am one of the members of the book club,” Liu Xiaoyu said. On the road, the teammate’s debris time was basically handed over to the book.Youdu hopes to set an example for those around her, “especially children, should put down their phones and pick up books to really learn something.”He is also looking forward to having the right time to find a place to sit down and share good books with fans and communicate with each other.”After coming to Beijing, Youdu began to study traditional Chinese culture. It was an English version of Journey to the West that opened the door for him.”I just started reading and haven’t fully invested in it.There are 5 books in total. I read it every day before going to bed and try to understand what kind of story it tells.”Last month, he walked into Shijingshan Foreign Language School to interact with children. For the first time, he experienced picking up a brush to write the word” fu “. The work completed under the guidance of the teacher was quite amazing.The word “fu” written by Youdu.Figure / Youdu’s social media “Mr. Hotpot” loves to eat hotpot. Knowing that it is also called “Hotpot”, Youdu nicknamed himself “Mr. Hotpot”.He also loves real hot pot.”Before eating, I like to eat spicy pot. It looks delicious when you look red.I also like to eat spicy food, but I can’t eat more. I still have to discipline myself during the seasonal period.”Youdu sighed at the sauna and Yewang, saying that it is really” too difficult “to resist the temptation of food after coming to China.After winning the “Winter Solstice War” in Taiyuan, he ate authentic dumplings and roasted leg of lamb at the hotel, and his taste buds opened up a new world.Jeremy Lin and Youdu taste roasted leg of lamb.Picture / Book Jeremy social media When you are in Beijing, you like to sit or go to the cafe downstairs most of the time. The most seen is the round-trip to the stadium and the residence, and I have n’t strolled around.If there is a holiday, I hope to go to more places.”But he said that after starting to play away with the team, it would be nice to be able to take a look in other cities.”You know, playing away games is the hotel, the arena, the arena, the hotel, but once you arrive and leave, you can still see the city along the way.Every road gives me a different feeling, and I can also eat some different food.So far, I have enjoyed my days at CBA.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofread Zhang Yanjun