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A certain vitamin food should not be eaten together

In our daily diet, not all foods can be eaten at will, or even have their own rules, such as: eggs and soy milk should not be eaten together, roca and oranges should not be eaten together, persimmons and sweet potatoes should not be eaten together.

銆€銆€Eggs and soy milk should not be eaten together: people often eat soy milk to wash eggs, think that they contain protein, food should not be the same food.

Because raw soy milk contains trace amounts of protease inhibitors, it can control the binding of human proteases, which hinders the decomposition of proteins, thereby reducing the attraction of human proteins.

銆€銆€Raka and oranges should not be eaten together: It has been found through experiments that radish is a cruciferous vegetable. If it is eaten with a large number of oranges, it may induce or cause goiter.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat both foods, especially in areas where the goiter is endemic, or people who are suffering from goiter.

銆€銆€Persimmon and sweet potato should not be eaten together: persimmon is sweet, cold, can clear heat and fluid, moisturize the lungs, contains protein, sugar, a small amount, pectin, glycine acid, vitamins and inorganic salts and other nutrients.

If the two are eaten separately, it is good for the body. If you eat at the same time, it is not good for the body. Because you eat sweet potatoes, people will produce a lot of cholesterol in their stomachs. If you eat persimmons, the persimmon will precipitate and precipitate under the action of stomach acid.When the products are put together, they will form agglomerates that are not injected with water. It is difficult to digest and is not easy to discharge. People are prone to get persimmon stone. In severe cases, surgery is needed.

銆€銆€Milk and chocolate should not be eaten together: milk is rich in protein and calcium, and chocolate contains oxalic acid. If the two are mixed together, the calcium in the milk will combine with the oxalic acid of the chocolate to form a certain amount of calcium oxalate.Absorption, impending diarrhea, dry hair and other symptoms, affecting growth and development, it is not suitable for food.

銆€銆€Some fruits and seafood should not be eaten together: people like to eat seafood and like to eat fruits, especially children.

However, it should be noted that while eating seafood, if you eat grapes, hawthorn, pomegranate, persimmon and other fruits, you will have vomiting, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Because these fruits contain higher acids, when they encounter proteins in seafood, they precipitate and solidify, forming substances that are not easily digested.

At the same time, the acid is also astringent, which can inhibit the secretion of the digestive juice, so that the solidified substance is continuously retained inside and causes fermentation.

Therefore, seafood should not only be eaten with the above-mentioned fruits, but after eating seafood, they should be eaten at intervals of more than 4 hours.

銆€銆€In addition, such as mutton and watermelon, bananas and taro, pine and brown sugar, tofu and honey, cucumber and peanuts, mustard and rabbit meat, dog and mung beans, persimmons and crabs should not be eaten at the same time.