African wild hula dancer perfect brunette

African wild hula dancer perfect brunette

The soundtrack is mainly percussion. The rhythm of the dance is very strong. The rhythm of the dance music is also complex and changeable. There are many changes in the dance.

There are not many big movements, but the details of the body change too much.

The high frequency of the shoulders is vertical and swaying, the high-speed swing at the back, and the fast shaking of the chest. The movement is fast and explosive.

  Talk Dance Athletic Department Swing 1.

The left leg steps forward and bends, pushing the hips to the other side.


The right leg is forward, parallel to the left leg. Keep the hips in the “top” position forward, and twist the telescopic joint in the same direction.


With the music, swing the body and gradually tilt the waist back.

The movements of the hands are matched with the movements of the hips to maintain the balance and beauty of the body.

  Swinging of the bone at the top is done through the top of the ribs.

As the ribs gradually push in different directions in different directions.


Step forward with one leg, bend your knees, bend your tibia, point your elbows to the sides, make a fist up and down (one up and one down), tilt your ribs backwards, and then swing back.


The body continued to squat, the ribs stretched forward, and the top swayed forward.


The body slowly rises, the ribs extend to the side, and then swing up and down to the same side (left and right rotation).

The arm sways with the trembling of the shoulder.