If Fang Baosheng has installed monitoring,The handle was taken by him.,Go to the court、Experience everyone who http://www.tyxlsh.cn carefully provides special services,It may be pinched by him.。

if it is like this,That is a bit horrible.。
Business is still good,Even if the art photo is taken,Announced is also known as a reputation,In the future,Not afraid of being taken。
But if you are polite,Then you have to live.,Energy in the province,If you have a heart to report,Absolutely report a quasi,Murmur,These people can only be taken by him。
Number of members with a huge position,The number of people may not be less,If so many people are binding in Fangbun’s chariot,Then he wants to deal with him,The difficulty is not a big one half.。
But everything is beneficial to have a disadvantage.。
It is possible to make people motivation.,But also hurt people hate,I am inexplicably.,No matter who has to bite his teeth,It’s just from the binding to his chariot.,But if these handles are got by the king??
http://www.huangyouji.cn It’s probably not to use himself.,Angry of these people,It’s enough to burn the dead.。
Wang flows glitter,Thunder once flashed,How can you do it?,Pensive,Decisively pick up the phone,I called Li Xiangtao。
“Total Wang,You are looking for me?”Telephone connection,Li Xiangtao took the lead asked。
Wang traffic is a sound,road:“Come to Hongxing,Have some things to tell you。”
“it is good,I have passed。”Boss,Li Xiangtao did not hesitate,Directly agreed。
Half an hour later。
Li Xiangtao hurriedly found it,Enter the door:“Total Wang,What do you find me??”
“First sit。”Wang traffic,If you don’t have something wrong:“You are also engaged in technology,Computer this,Is the programmer and hacker difference??”
“Not large,It’s all kinds of tapping code,In essence, it is actually almost,Do you ask this??”Li Xiang Tao is confused。
Wang traffic answers:“That is,Let the programmer to black a computer,Or there is no problem with a regional network.?”
Li Xiang Tao Road:“you can say so,But not necessarily,General case,Hacker’s technology is better than the programmer.,And the operation is special,In terms of network attack,Still hacker is better than a little。
But still,If the other party defensive is not high,Whether it is a programmer or a hacker?,Just want to invade,The problem is not large。”
Wang Liyu,Look at the eye,Finally throwing the topic:“Means of,If I let you invade a network system,I have no problem.?”
Li Xiangtao instantly heartbeat,After stunning, he later:“Are you serious??Intrusion other people’s network system,That is a crime。”
Kid:“You don’t say I don’t say,Don’t you know??”
Li Xiang Tao hesitated:“But if it is perceived by the other party……”
“That’s be careful。”The king has interrupted him directly,Positive color:“Step back,Even,I still have a flatness of me.。
I have something to resist.,Although you put your heart belly,Just help me a busy,How about it?”
Li Xiang Tao smiled,Bite:“Ok,Do you want me to invade??”
Wang Flow:“Fang Baishun,His home、company,Especially Bai Shutai Golf Course,I have invaded in and see,Other no tube,You focus on find me,See if there is anything。
Nevermind,If there is,Then I will give it to me.。”
Li Xiang Tao,A little doubtful:“What is the aspect??”
“that is……Aspect。”The king lost to him a look you know.。
Li Xiangtao instantly leads the god,Laugh:“understood,do not worry,I personally go to do this.,Less one person knows,Less a less than the risk of being discovered。”
NS306chapter Depart
Monitoring and no network can also be run,Wang Flow doesn’t know how to go to Tao,Will there will be no harvest http://www.power18.cn in the end,So he didn’t take too much look forward to it.,Just when it is an attempt。
If there is,That best,He can take the square directly。
If it doesn’t matter,Anyway, he has no loss.。
And the result is also clever,I really made him smashed.。
I have just finished Li Tao in the morning.,In the afternoon, he hurriedly found it.,Laugh in the door:“Total Wang,Intrusion。”
Wang flow surprises:“So fast?”
Li Xiangtao laughed:“The other party is probably not understanding the computer,Do not pay attention to this,company、His family and the stadium have installed computers,But the firewall defense level is too low,There is no difference between do not fight against defense.,I tried it back.,Very easy to invade,I also didn’t think it’s a bit smooth.。”