That self,Will live in,Regretting。

“What to see?”
“If you refuse to apologize,Then wait for your family members to be driven away。”
See this first good trash can walk past,another one,The man who came out for Lin Yu,Not moving at all,This woman,Suddenly furious。
“Humph!Let him drive away。”
“Anyway my girlfriend,It’s just a little skin trauma。”
“The whole Ganghwa city is so big,It’s not just your hospital。”
This man,Hear this,I just chose another hospital。
And just now,The man who walked to the trash can。
now,Already in the trash,Found the same edible。
of course,This man,More fortunate,Someone took a bread that hadn’t been eaten,Hold with bag,Throw in the trash。
“it is good,This is what you said。”