Need more fans after expulsion?Evergrande’s 100,000 new stadium gave the answer

Need more fans after “expulsion”?Evergrande’s 100,000 new stadium gave the answer
The renderings of Evergrande’s new stadium.Guangzhou Hengda Football Stadium officially started today. It is expected to be adjacent to Guangzhou South Railway Station in 2022, with a total investment of more than 12 billion and a total area of about 150,000 square meters. A professional football stadium that can accommodate 10 people will be completed and available.At the launch conference of Evergrande Football Stadium, Evergrande made a detailed interpretation of the external aspects-with the ranking of the 7 professional football stadiums in China, the capacity of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium is far ahead, and the large-scale domestic professional football stadiumThe maximum capacity is 4.20,000 people (Chengdu Longquanyi Football Stadium).In fact, the capacity of 100,000 people is also called “the most in the world”, which will surpass the Barcelona home of No. 99354, Nou Camp, and become the world’s largest professional football stadium.The stadium is equipped with 16 VVIP private rooms, 152 VIP private rooms, FIFA area, athletes area, media area, press room and other supporting facilities.According to Evergrande’s introduction, in 2016, they invited 8 top masters from the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia and other countries to participate in the design. The current “Lotus Bloom” plan is from the top American master Hassan, Evergrande Group.Board Chairman Xu Jiayin also participated in the design.At present, Evergrande has revealed at the press conference that the number of professional football stadiums in China and the inadequate size of the professional football stadium will be built. In the future, 3 to 5 more world-class professional football stadiums with a capacity of 80,000 to 100,000 will be built nationwide.The renderings of Evergrande’s new stadium.It is worth mentioning that Evergrande has recently become the focus of domestic football.On April 12, Evergrande raised a solemn protest against the Chinese Football Association’s “winning championship violation fine of 500,000”; on April 14, Evergrande expelled the Chinese Super League for serious violations of the “three nine” team rules.Two days, the “Yu Hanchao Incident” became a hot topic.Yesterday, the official certified Foshan Fan League of Guangzhou Evergrande dealt with the expulsion of membership of the league member Feng Moumou on the grounds of “imposing improper remarks, which seriously affected the image of the league and the fans of the Guangzhou team”.What’s interesting is that this Evergrande female fan has been spreading on the video of Han Chao’s street changing the license plate.After the last round of the Chinese Super League last year, Guangzhou Evergrande celebrated winning the championship.Figure / Visual China “It is a strange phenomenon to be sentenced and punished for doing justice oversight.”A questioning netizen has received many praises.”As much as possible, local fans bluntly said, “If it is also wrong to report illegal activities, then such a club will not enter.”My Foshan, do not support this club!”Of course, the Foshan Fan League did not specify in the announcement why the expulsion of Feng Moumou was” improper remarks “, and whether it had anything to do with the” Yu Hanchao Incident “could not be concluded.Yu Hanchao and female fans were “fired” back-to-back, and the operation behind it was interesting.But in short, one thing is certain, Evergrande still needs the support of more fans in the future, and their expensive 100,000 new stadium can also be accommodated.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Wang Xin