Breastfeeding bra used well

Breastfeeding bra used well

Purchasing a bra with good support can effectively eliminate the sharp outline of the sagging breasts, which is especially important during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding moms must put on a bra. Because the breasts are enlarged during this period, they are often sucked by the baby.


The bra should be convenient to place a breast pad. Late breast cancer to postpartum lactation period, breast cancer may cause breast milk, many pregnant women or moms will use breast pads to absorb the overflowing milk.

In order to facilitate the placement and fixation of breast pads, many special pregnancy bras have pockets and auxiliary straps placed in the cups.


Pay attention to the breastfeeding opening design. The breastfeeding opening design of the cup not only increases the added value of the bra, thereby extending the wearing period from pregnancy to lactation.

If the baby is hungry, it is very convenient to distribute the baby with one hand and unfasten the buckle with the other hand, which is very convenient. Depending on the design, it can be divided into the following types: A, full-open breastfeeding opening-its feature is that the cup is onlyThe hook and loop are hooked on the shoulder strap, and the cup can be fully opened downwards when breastfeeding, exposing the entire breast.

  B, open-hole breastfeeding opening-its characteristic is that when the cup is opened, only the nipples are exposed, the areola is extremely around, and the covering is high.

  C, front buckle bra or casual bra-its characteristic is that the buckle of the bra is on the front, which is convenient for unbuttoning the bra with one hand.

This type of bra can be worn at home or when sleeping. Its bracing power is usually worse than the above bras, but it is more comfortable. When it is comfortable at home, it can relax and relax.


After breastfeeding, using a body shaping bra during pregnancy, because the ligaments of the breast must be stopped and stretched slightly, you can wear a postpartum body shaping bra. This bra should be used at the end of the breastfeeding period, with a slight rise in pain and sagging.It can effectively concentrate breasts.

If the method of wearing a bra is appropriate, it can also cause a slight displacement effect.

However, you must be cautious when wearing this body shaping underwear. If there is any discomfort during this time, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor before deciding whether to continue using it.