Improvement and reuse of skin care products in the off season_1

Improved and reused skin care products

In order to pursue the ultimate beauty, beauty madmen will never miss any chance of sweeping the goods, so a lot of skin care products are hoarded at home, and they are very distressed when the season changes, and I do n’t know how to deal with these unusedSkincare.

Then it ‘s not practical to use it, and it ‘s a shame to throw it away. At this time, I ‘m going to turn over the improvement plan of this season ‘s skin care products., Safekeeping you find practical!

  Improved object emulsion lotion The light emulsion is a close-knit skin in the summer of the skin, but once in the dry autumn, it is difficult to escape the bad luck of being hit into the cold palace.

  Improved solution 1 The moisturizing feeling of the mixed powder is up. If you feel that the powder is not enough, you can soak the sponge in the lotion. After the sponge is thoroughly kneaded, use it in the powder core to make the makeup more moist.

  Improved solution 2 The best care products for baby leather goods. Conventional leather goods cleaners or brighteners sometimes reduce the breathability of leather goods. You can apply the off-season lotion on shoe cloth for shoes, bags, and even useFor leather sofas, household items.

The high-quality oils and nourishing ingredients in the lotion have a good cleaning and repairing effect on the old stains and small cracks on the leather, especially the light-colored and dirty bags, which will soon make your bag look new.

  Improved solution 3 When traveling on a good business trip, even a small ml volumetric bottle can be used to pack makeup remover, hand cream, body milk, and skin conditioner, and a large package can be packed. Simply bring a bottle of lotion and you can get it all.
Moisturizing the lotion with a cotton pad can temporarily supplement the makeup remover, and you can also use the lotion to moisturize the split ends of the hair. The effect is not lost to a professional conditioner at all.

  Improved object shampoo Once you have a new shampoo, you can’t wait to buy it back to try. All summer, there will be several bottles of off-season shampoo in the cabinet.

  Improvement plan 1 silk, woolen fabric softener From now on, you can stop buying hairbrush softener. The shampoo has a good repairing effect on the hair scales, and the formula is neutral, which can take good care of the sweater.Scarf.

The wool fabric washed out by the shampoo is particularly soft and does not fade or shrink.

  Modification 2 Pillow Case Detergent The practical shampoo pillow case is more suitable than washing powder, because the hair is rich in oil, of course, it is also on the pillow case. The washing powder cannot remove the oil well, and the shampoo contains thisGreasey, especially in summer, generally buy oil-free refreshing shampoos, which can be used to wash pillow cases.

  Improved target whitening serum. The whitening serum that was purchased at a large price cannot be used because of sensitive skin.

Can you just throw it away?

  Improved plan to repair body scars. Whitening serum containing a lot of fruit acids or enzymes, generally not suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

You can use it to repair old scars on your body. Body skin is usually not as sensitive as facial skin, so you can still experience the lightening effect of whitening essence.

  Improved gel type creams I believe that gel type creams are no less popular than air conditioners and fans in summer, but their popularity is bound to plummet after autumn.

  Improved program sleep time film is indeed worthy of praise.

If you pay close attention, you will find that the sleep masks on the market are mainly gel-thick.

Apply a thick layer to make a SPA in your sleep.

You can also use a moisturizing mask before makeup to increase skin moisture retention in 5 minutes.

  Improved object perfume. Maybe you like to choose the fragrance according to the season, the sweet flower and fruit tone, and the fresh ocean tone. You can never continue to use it in autumn.

  Improved solution The offset printed by household dead-end cleaner tape is always very difficult to clean. You can spray perfume on a cotton pad, and you can easily wipe off the traces left by the tape.

Lamps that wipe dirt with perfume can not only clean, but at the same time, the heat of the lamp is conducive to the distribution of perfume, which can make the whole room permeate a faint fragrance.