He tried to sacrifice spiritual exploration。

Accidental discovery,The spirit is also lost。
Space here,It seems to have some strange restriction capability。
Spirituality can’t come out。
“Have you come in??”
He turned and looked back,At the same time asked。
No sound。
There is no response。
Summer face change,Pupil Hawran concreperate into needle mangoma。
Returned http://www.c-silk.cn again,And hold the flashlight。
Still is a black lacquered paint,No hand, no five fingers。
No good sound。
Cannot see Liuhe Mountain。
This……what happened?
Summer is not panic,Not afraid。
But calm down, think that.。
Just after entering,Can also feel the good voice。
But this just got a few steps.,For convenience disappear。
This situation,Let him think of Qimen armor。
He is also very clear,Wonderful armor,Relying on visual dead angles and space in space,Thus deceived people’s senses。
So laying a wonderful armor,Under normal circumstances,Less trees,Jungle,Stone other props。
Orange according to the orientation of the five elements。
But here is dark,No matter http://www.baitaidq.cn whether it is visual or sensible, it is blocked.,How can I arrange a wonderful armor??
I can’t understand。
Can only http://www.yxage.cn be attributed to the gods of the ghost valley。
Summer will throw all thoughts。
Come from,Another。
He wants to see the so-called long life road.,What is going on?。
So,He holds his hand,Illuminate the distance of half a feet,Be careful。
Just started yet,After a moment,Summer is even lost。