The young man named summer,Should not be the West underground world,After all, he is too young.。

but,Summer must have a relationship,Very likely。
The words that she said before,Just deliberately。
And ready to personally,Musk Tonight,Tomorrow martial arts competition……Then lead the person behind him。
She naturally heard of,It is said that the other party is very strong。
But the beautiful shame is not afraid,Because she brought a super master this time,That is to deal with。
now,See Yun Ino doesn’t speak,The shameless beauty,Improve sound。
“I know that you are definitely uncomfortable.,But the fact is the fact,three years ago,I have included all the piano awards in our country.,Even I have a prize in the international,No matter what kind of piano skill you have,In my eyes is a bunch of garbage!”
Yun Ino’s face is white,Pelitable body tremble,One sentence, I can’t say a word。
And the pleasant provocation and humiliation of the beautiful fragrance,Once anger, I angered the audience under the platform.。
“What did you say!”
“There is a kind of saying again!”
“Bros,Go together,Torn the mouth of this scorpion!”
Especially those who are secretly loved Yunno,And the fan group headed by Wang Fei,All the sleeves,I want to hurry up.。
Scene is instantly confusing,On-site security and hurry,The front teacher also truly stop。
Just stopped in the development,But see a smile。
“Is this your quality??When you really want to be very。”
She slows down,Before going to the stage, preparing the piano,Sit down。
Then extends a finger to the mouth,The face has a scornful smile。
“Quiet,Be quiet!”
Seeing the scene and out of control,One of the referees finally can’t see it.,He took the microphone and shouted a sentence.。
Then stand up,All audiences for the big auditorium,Ambient,“classmates,One member of Qinghai University,I hope everyone can keep calm.,At least we must maintain our basic wind and etiquette,Don’t let out people watch jokes。”
Say,He has no expression to turn his eyes to the shame on the stage.。
“Surryy,This is the piano exchange,Not an academic debate,If you want to show your own eloquence……As a referee, I can announce,you……Won!”
have to say,This referee teacher’s language is quite sharp。
Just finished,Below,Then it is called so that。
Confused pine beauty,Face is cold,It’s just a more embarrassing of your mouth.。
She nodded,Once again, I watched the Yunno.,“If I have a professional,That is to bully you,So good,If you can play this speed,Even if you win。”
Hour time,Her hands have been pushing the key,The sound of the pleasure is thoroughly。
No prelude,Uncomfortable,Not guided。
Start,It is a speed that makes people jump accelerated.。