Looking at Mo Xiaosheng’s profile,Seeing the intense energy in his piercing eyes,Luo Yilin’s heart seemed to be hit hard by something,I can’t help but remember the time they used to be together,Mo Xiaosheng at that time,He looks so meticulous every time he does things,Eyes seem to glow。

But he thought she forgot him,No one knows that her heart has already thought of him。
She stood quietly beside Mo Xiaosheng,Unspeakable satisfaction,Can’t help thinking,If time can stay here,Not a bad thing。
Mo Xiaosheng, who was originally quiet, suddenly shouted,Excited,Seems to figure out something in a moment,Hurried to the medicine cabinet,Twist out a handful of cicadas,Handful,Spilled into the powder that was just ground,Happily said to Luo Yilin,“Yilin,fast,Bring me some water!”
“it is good!”
Luo Yilin coughed slightly,Smile softly,Also happy for Mo Xiaosheng,Knowing he succeeded。
Wait until Luo Yilin gets the water,Mo Xiaosheng poured the powder and water into the pill making machine in proportion,I saw black pills popping out of the machine,Mo Xiaosheng was relieved now。
Then he grabbed a handful of pills and walked out quickly,Happily told Xu Qian and others outside:“Xu Company,My pill has been developed,Although this pill is temporarily unable to completely kill the virus in their body,But it can greatly inhibit the reproduction of the virus,And relieve their symptoms!And in a short time, they won’t put their lives in danger!”
“is it,That’s great!”
Xu Qian and others were excited when they heard this,Hurried over to take the pill from Mo Xiaosheng’s hand,Then it was fed to the patients lying on the ground。
“Mr. Mo,Your medical skills are well-deserved,I’m Xu Qian,Can’t say anything good,I won’t say any compliments,I have a ruthless please!”
Xu Qian said with a grateful Chongmo Xiaosheng。
“Brother Xu,I know what you mean。”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Didn’t wait for him to finish,Interrupted him directly,“You want to get some medicine to transport to the army, right??no problem!”
“Thank you Mr. Mo,But I don’t just want to get into the army,Some local people have also been infected,and so,I want to help them and ask for some medicine,The amount of medicine needed may be relatively large……”
Xu Qian said a little embarrassed Xiaosheng Chongmo。
Then he looked straight,Hurriedly added:”Mr. Mo,do not worry,Required cost,I will declare to the army when I go back,A penny will not lose you!“