Jiang Fan said with a smile:“Chang Yi has been holding injustice for Guan Hao。”

Fan Wenliang said earnestly again:“Injustice,Be in my heart,Do not show on the surface,Current situation,Be careful when speaking,Pay more attention to work,Don’t give others a weapon to suppress you。What you just said is correct,Guan Hao’s actions are unmatched by others,His biggest advantage is the high starting point,Was born with a golden key,But it is also his disadvantage。People with a high starting point have a common problem,That is not to fall to the ground,Thin-skinned。Didn’t some comrades go to the side of anger??This to some extent,It’s essentially the same as Guan Hao’s resignation……”
Jiang Fan heard him say that,Blush,Hurry up with Fan Wenliang holding a fist,And quickly filled him with some water,Said embarrassingly:“You forgive me,How can i compare with him,Moreover,I later confessed to you what was going on,you,Don’t mention it anymore。”
Fan Wenliang said:“Somehow you two can equate。Not to be humiliated,Unbelievable,Head down。Chang Yi just said,If it was him,Just being scolded by the top secretary of the provincial party committee,He can recognize his head,Would never resign,What is this called,This is called the bachelor can’t eat the immediate loss!This is called staying in the green mountains without worrying about no firewood!According to the art of war,This is called saving strength,If the great leader is as inspiring as you were back then,I’m afraid there will be no new China where our poor people are the masters today,We don’t have our current red regime。”
Jiang Fan hurriedly made another gesture at Fan Wenliang。
Fan Wenliang did not stop because of his actions,He looked at these two proud students in front of him,He understands every step of the two of them,Understand their minds and ambitions,This way,Solid footwork,steady,No oblique and crooked,This is in today’s cadre team,Is rare,Critical period,He has to beat them,Rule them,So that they can go better in the future。
“Today, with the help of Guan Hao,Let me say a few more words,You just listen,Don’t listen……”
Fan Wenliang didn’t finish talking,Two people rushed to say:“What you say is useful,We have benefited a lot。”
Fan Wenliang ignored their compliments,Keep saying:“people,I can’t be upset at any time,Even more so。There are many such examples in history,Liu Bang’s mother was taken captive by Xiang Yu,Xiang Yu threatens Liu Bang,If you don’t give up the siege,So he cooked his mother,Liu Bang said you and I used to be brothers,My mother is your mother,I cook my mother,Just cook your mother,It’s up to you。Liu Bang is a famous black-faced guy in history,But he achieved great cause;Xiang Yu has thin skin,After the defeat, I have no face to see Jiangdong’s father,So I only killed myself。All i want to say is,Always keep the overall situation in mind,Can’t get angry。Secretary Liao is gone,Maybe these cadres he mentioned will not be seen by the leaders in a short period of time,Will not be reused,Not only can’t be reused,May be humiliated and angry,But you can’t be arrogant,Unless you also have a senior uncle,if there is not,Just be honest with your tail,Be careful,Don’t do what others can do,Don’t complain about what others can complain。Of course,Your knowledge is higher than mine,I’m just a professional,You might scoff at these words,Maybe you don’t think that this ear listens to that ear runs,But what i said,Absolutely works。This is also the main purpose of my driving here to meet you。”
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi have known Fan Wenliang for so long,This is the first time I have heard Fan Wenliang analyze the officialdom phenomenon in such a detailed manner,Usually he always clicks,What I say most of the time is for you and me to understand,A lot of words are not directly said,This time he said this uncharacteristically,Especially now that it has changed“Dawangqi”in the case of,For Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi,Very thirst quenching,Also very real。He set the tone for them both,That is“Don’t do what others can do,Don’t complain about what others can complain”,He was afraid that they would follow in Guan Hao’s footsteps,Inspiring,Said something that shouldn’t be said,Did something that shouldn’t be done,But from the root、Tell them from the experience of ancient and modern history,In officialdom, we must pay attention to preservation。He taught them the simplest and most affordable way to survive,And don’t want to see the heart-wrenching incident happen again。
These words of Fan Wenliang,Very useful for them,Even though they all know this truth,But these words came from Fan Wenliang,It is of great significance to Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi,Very necessary in time。Especially for Jiang Fan,The reason why he cited Guan Hao’s example,Actually beating Jiang Fan,Remind him not to act impulsively like he did in the past,That move,In fact, he is risking his political life。At present, Jiang Fan has the trust and appreciation of Governor Yuan Jincheng,But to some extent,This is not necessarily a blessing,When Yuan Jincheng and Liao Zhongcheng were on the team,The two people have the same governance philosophy,Same goal,Cooperate tacitly,It can be said to be a perfect match,There is a rare stability in the officialdom of Jingzhou、Development situation。But as Liao Zhongcheng transferred,Wei Changlin’s arrival,Surely not in such a united situation,Facts have been proved。If Yuan Jincheng can’t go with his partner,Suggest a transfer,Then Jiang Fan’s situation can be imagined。Peng Changyi is the same,Fan Wenliang has heard Peng Changyi’s complaints about the new municipal party committee secretary from Wang Jiadong’s mouth,For them right now,Convergence、How necessary it is to work hard!beat,How necessary it is!
Why don’t the two know the good intentions of the old leader!
Jiang Fan quickly got up,Fill Fan Wenliang’s cup with some water,Said:“The situation right now,The lesson you gave us, especially me, was too timely,If it is not true,Who would be willing to say these things to both of us?Thank you so much!”
“Yes,Yes,It’s true!It’s true!”Peng Changyi rubbed his hands excitedly,Repeatedly echoed Jiang Fan。
Fan Wenliang looked at Jiang Fan,Looked at Peng Changyi again,Said:“If i don’t go,May not tell you two,Last time I spoke with Secretary Liao,Secretary Liao also asked me about your situation,Let me charge you two,Don’t be arrogant,Have to work,To endure poverty,Be lonely。I think,Whether it’s Secretary Liao or me,I don’t want people who are pulled up by their hands to have any mistakes in the official career.。”
Fan Wenliang is telling the truth,In Peng Changyi’s impression,He has never talked to him directly about being an official like this,It was all told by Wang Jiadong,As for Jiang Fan,Maybe they often communicate with each other,But he really hasn’t。
Jiang Fan looked at Fan Wenliang,Seriously:“Please tell Secretary Liao,We understand what the leaders mean,We will proceed carefully,Will not let the old leader down。”
Fan Wenliang said:“Take time to call him,Or visit him when it’s convenient to enter Beijing,The old comrades are very depressed recently,Especially when something like Guan Hao happened,His heartache is bad——”
Peng Changyi asked:“Can we see him?”
Fan Wenliang said:“Call ahead,He is not too busy now,Should be better than in the province。”