21 Military Rules for Selecting a Gym

21 Military Rules for Selecting a Gym

How can I choose the right fitness club for you?

Stop wasting your time and money, lift your head out of a bunch of advertisements, here are what you know, you do n’t know, but they are definitely practical selection guides, because there are too manylesson.

  Choosing a fitness club-Reason first When we choose a fitness club, we often seek information from family, friends, colleagues and doctors, but most of this information is one-sided, not replacing strong personal feelings or othersHard to fit your own feet.

The dazzling electronic equipment is not enough to explain the quality of the gym. What’s more important is the professional quality of the gym coaches and whether their service attitude is serious and careful.

Then, during the time when you will need to visit the club, do not hinder a field trip, especially to have some time to communicate with members who are already working out.

  Do n’t choose expensive, just choose the right one through your personal experience of the fitness club, answering the following questions will help you make a clear judgment: 1.

Is the establishment of a fitness club legal?


Are the members there friendly and helpful?


Is the club’s environment clean?


Are fitness instructors all experts in the courses they teach?


Will new members get instruction on curriculum and equipment use?


Can the curriculum in the club meet your all-round needs?

(Certain aerobics, hip-hop, yoga, etc.) 7.

Is your club overcrowded during your best fitness time?


Can they help you take care of your children if you need them, or arrange activities for them?


Is the club’s transportation convenient? If you want to drive by yourself, are they enough parking spaces?

  Did you think of this before you signed the agreement?

  When you are at the club level, they will let you sign an agreement, so for this agreement, it involves your personal interests, and must not be signed rashly.


Don’t miss every word.

The Chinese language is too powerful. Even if you are one foot tall, you must be careful that someone will say that.


Determine the time limit for membership.

When setting the course time limit, the club will give you a few suggestions, such as one year, one quarter, or one month. If your own character is not strong enough, it is best not to choose too long to join the club.



Didn’t mention in the agreement that the club will provide personal accident insurance. If you unfortunately hurt a lot or touched your leg, the role of insurance cannot be ignored.

Generally, if most clubs do not provide insurance, they will also provide customers with certain benefits in the agreement for accidental injuries in the club.


Beware of invalid promises.

If the club promises that you can reach a certain level in the reduction, and lose a few kilograms of weight, it must be illegal, don’t believe it.

Exit halfway.
No matter if you ca n’t keep up, or you are no longer satisfied with this club, in short, when you decide to quit halfway, whether you can get the remaining costs and how much you can get are all up to you.Must be clear in advance.



Is there a breakdown of the fees (training, bathing, etc.) that the health club receives from you?


Damaged instrument.

As a customer, are you responsible for possible damage to the device?

  Start small and do the final inspection1.

Medical assistance.

The club should have at least a small medicine box with simple but necessary trauma medication.


Fitness files.

If this is a first-class fitness club, it will provide you with a fitness file of your own, including all aspects of your body when you join the club, and pass tracking tests to supplement new information at any time.


Fitness coach.

Fitness coaches are the most direct guarantee of your fitness goals. Their professional quality and teaching level are the focus of your attention.

Have they participated in some of the more authoritative competitions and achieved a certain ranking; have they received professional training (have a degree recognized by the state) and so on.


The necessary phone number.

If your chosen club is far enough away, emergency calls will be placed in obvious places.


Including: emergency telephones commonly used by police, fire, medical, etc.


complaint rate.

When time permits, you do n’t want to stop calling and ask about consumer associations. Their information is the most authentic and reliable.

  Special recommendations for professional athletes: * Fitness is a lifetime issue, and weight loss cannot be achieved overnight. Only when you can easily and happily complete the exercises prescribed by your coach can you consider increasing the weight of exercise equipment.

Otherwise, it may cause sports injuries.

  * Muscle pain cannot be eliminated by exercise.

The tearing of small fibers is a bad result caused by high-intensity muscle training. You may wish to give yourself 3 days to recover.

  * For everyone with patience, if you have a fitness group and at least some of them are always involved, then it will be easier for you to continue to exercise.

  Open the gym’s crisis situation archives file 1: Name: Liu Ting Occupation: Brand director of the network company Participation in the fitness club: When I chose the fitness club, I just felt that this was very close to my company and my fitnessThe purpose is very simple. I just want to stay in shape, so I signed up without much thought.

I am relatively lazy. In order to urge myself, I signed a one-year agreement.

But who thinks that fitness center was closed down less than a month after I signed up, because they didn’t have a business license, and I paid the full 1 year registration fee at that time, and now I have nowhere to chase it.

  File 2: Name: Wang Weiyan Occupation: Staff and staff Participation in the fitness club: Actually I am not very fat, but I always feel that there is more excess meat on my legs. A colleague recommended me a fitness club, so I paid, Reported a three-month class.

But on the first day of class, I felt very deep. The sound there was so bad that it hurt my heart, let alone follow it.

But the next day when I wanted to refund my money, I was besieged by the club staff.

  File 3: Name: Andy Occupation: Record company marketing media Participation in fitness club Purpose: Equipment fitness I like to do equipment training, I like the sound of equipment, so I found a fitness club.

During the first two months, I practiced well, but one day, when I practiced the barbell, because of the sweat on my hand, the barbell took off my hand and hit my feet, causing a fracture of the foot bone.
Later, I asked them if they were insured for me. The answer disappointed me. I paid a total of more than 1,000 yuan for medical expenses, and I rested at home for an entire month before barely supporting me to work.