First1695chapter Night contest

? Besides, Wang Youcai took Tian Wa and Wu Wu from ChunyuKTVSlipped out of the fire escape,Hiding behind a big tree across the road。He is really puzzled,Logically,Xia Jian and Chen Feng should be incompatible,But why did Xia Jian show up for Chen Feng tonight?
Could it be that Xia Jian’s purpose in doing this is to do it right with him?Or,Chen Feng is really Xia Jian’s guest tonight?He couldn’t figure it out。
“Wang Ge!The police came suddenly,It shouldn’t be the police called by Xia Jian, right?!”Wu Wu looked at the police car roaring away across the road,Said with a lingering fear。
Wang Youcai is back,A bit ambiguous:“Hard to say,Let’s go back!”
“Is it a bit of a loss to go back like this?Shall we kill the carbine,Maybe Chen Feng is still in Xia Jian“Tian Wa said unwillingly。
tonight,The three of them just came out of the hospital,I received a call from Niu Xiaohu,Said Chen Feng only took two brothers to ChunyuKTV。Wang Youcai saw the opportunity,So Niu Xiaohu took five or six brothers to guard where,They rushed over。
It was originally something that could avenge you,Unexpectedly, when the three of them pounced into Chen Feng’s box,His two horses happened to be two escorts in the box.,But there is no shadow of Chen Feng。
Finally, when Tian Wa used force,Chen Feng’s Ma Tsai said that Chen Feng seemed to be sick,Should have gone to the bathroom。Wang Youcai listened,And drove them out。
Just walked to the bathroom door,Chen Feng just came out from inside holding his pants。This guy is express,His eyes swept Wang Youcai,Just turn around,Rush away。
Such a good opportunity,Wang Youcai won’t let him go,The three rushed to catch up。Chen Fengji Zhongshengzhi,Even when he was running and shooting,,Got inV8Haobao。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Now I can’t even get the root hair,Chen Feng is not a fool,He must have run away long ago。Let’s go back!“
“Hey!Wang Ge,Look at Xia Jian and others“Wu Wu suddenly pointed across the road。I saw Xia Jian standing on the side of the road with three women,Appears to be waiting for the bus。
Wang Youcai gritted his teeth and cursed:“Xia Jian,I’ve been with you all my life“
“Wang Ge!Or let’s go,Give you this bad breath。I don’t believe that Xia Jian with three women can beat our three big men“Tian Wa said with a smile。Tian Wa should have fought against Xia Jian,Just passed by in a flash,The two did not tell the winner。
Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“Don’t be too confident。The three of us are not necessarily his opponents,What other woman,She doesn’t seem to be simple,She didn’t put you two in her eyes at all“
“How about we had two tricks in the past,Can’t withdraw immediately,It’s a test of reality“Wu Wu said,There was a fierce light in the eyes。
Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“Row,Then let’s go over now。But move fast,Win or lose,I just want Xia Jian to know,I and he will never give up“
Xia Jian and Guo Meili drank all the remaining bottles of beer,I just glanced at my watch,A few people are slightly regretful from ChunyuKTVCame out。