“Some time ago wiped out repair operations Otake is that we work together。”

“You are the last combat?”
“Um,Last fight when I called Tiger Song。”
“You are the head of the Song make the best use of organs!?”Fang Tianyi how they will be heard,Since the last campaign too famous,
“Ha ha,Because it was there long pool Shunsuke this identity,The tiger had to use a false name Song。”Laughter,
“The head of Qi also with machine operation it?”
“That will certainly be used,I looked back and teach you。”
“Too good.!It turns out that you are Song Zhou Long,Then I am relieved.!”Wannan head of detachment allows Qi Rui command operations,That certainly know how he’s going ah,So in the end what is http://www.shexiangge.cn the identity of Qi Rui,Fang Tianyi would not say in。
After they left Tianyi Square,Qi Rui immediately saw the blood of the blood tooth and twelve mountains Wangzhai,Mainly I want to know the circumstances of their training these days,His most worried about discipline。
“Qi Lao,What are you doing?,Let’s fight the devil!?”Segment Shen and Zhu Xing come to ask。
“Devils will soon come to find themselves,We just hit it in Tianmu。”
“We have not yet seen the little devils。”Iraq says road,
“Devils mostly a head two small short legs,In the gun will die,I just want to remind you that,They have a single combat ability.,Marksmanship and bayonet are very powerful,As long as you obey my orders,Kill the enemy according to the way of training,With your skills, I promise you to kill a happy,Also guaranteed that you are famous!http://www.szht92.cn”Ritual,
It’s the most reliable, which is the most reliable, which is free.,At that time, I didn’t listen to the command Hu Ji worse.,So these two days he wants to train them.,Ordered to set the battlefield rule。
Rui Rui is still very smart,He teaches the rules in the training process.,First of all, teach their battlefield experience,Shooting skills、Knife and bayonet,Teach discipline teaches them to these skills,Let them know that in the battlefield, it is the key to ensuring the battle victory.。
Hangzhou twenty-two division headquarters
“Do you have a new four army in Tianmu Mountain??”Head teacher once asked Dobashi puppet army garrison commander Zhang water,
“We have been exploited,There are two teams in Tianmu Mountain.,One is the independent group of the new four army,Tianyi is the head of the party,Black http://www.seening.cn Fox is this group of commandos。”
“Black fox!It turns out that they are here!”Tu Bridge listened to the 15th Division’s Jiuri Zhengxiong at the time of meeting in Nanjing.,
“Yes,There is also a national army for a long time to find a long time.。”
“What did you say?Is that the assassination of the officer contingent more than you do?”
“Correct!It’s them,It is also two squadrons in Dingshan Lake.!We have been looking for them for a long time.,Finally found。”Zhang Mingshui affirmed,
“They turned out to be!Since this is the case, you will be prepared.!”
“Diqiao Mission,I have sent two groups,Now, I am stationed in Taihu Yuan Town and High Hong Town.,Departing from these two towns,Just half a day to get to Mount。”
“very good,I can make the eighty-fourth wing of Kawasaki Seiji commander to direct the battle!Your two regiments must work together to complete this clear battle task.。”
NS619chapter They have to die.
Rui Rui is coming back to the training army is to make battle preparations,Light is mines, he created hundreds of,The fight is even more inseparable,The most basic is to let the enemy get the wrong Combat Information。
The first is to let the devils and pupils think that the troops in the sky are not more than 3,000 people.,However, the Yuan Zhixi, who supported Wuhu, was nearly three thousand people.,After the last fight of their weapons and equipment also improved by a mile,It is a weapon-day water。
The second is to let the Devils think they are making a sneak attack war,This is also a tactical play of devils.,This illusion will make them think of themselves as the party of active attacks,Thus ignoring other possible ambush depth alone。
In fact, completely not the case,Because the devils are very unhappy.,He has already sent He Jian and Ma Yunfei who sent the No.5 agent group to investigate the enemy.,Two people took their own special war queues to clearly investigate around the sky.。
“sharp,Ma Yunfei,The forty-fourth joint team of the devils, the leaders of the team, have arrived in Taihu Yuan Town,The devil and puppet army have begun to secretly mobilize assembly,It seems that they will act in these days.。”Fu Ying Snow Report,
“Snowman,I want you to bring two special war brigions to the special team of Ma Yunfei.,After fighting broke out in the mountains,You take away the source of the town’s arsenal Devils Lake Taihu,If you can stay the way Colonel Seiji Kawasaki kill him。”Ritual,
“it is good!Who will I take??”