He had an idea,Hurried to Qiao Yiyi’s side,Holding her hand anxiously:“Yiyi,Yiyi, what’s wrong with you,Just took a sip of wine and that’s it,Is it an alcohol allergy??”

“Fuck you Oh shit,Reinstall!”
Wang Xuan shouted,Rushed up,Flying up and hitting Li Junyi is a kick。
Li Junyi practiced fighting,So Wang Xuan can’t threaten him,He dodged sideways。
But Wang Xuan rushed up again,Hit him in the face with a punch,Li Junyi grabbed his arm,Twist,Immediately after a trip, he fell to the ground。
“Whoops!”Wang Xuan cried out in pain,Then I saw a huge fist fell on his face。
Wang Xuan couldn’t help but scream,But then he found that his fist stopped above his face,I saw Mo Xiaosheng firmly grasped Li Junyi’s arm。
Mo Xiaosheng’s face was as cold as ice in three or nine days,The hand holding Li Junyi suddenly twisted。
Li Junyi screamed,The body twists involuntarily with the wrist,Pale face,Instant cold sweat again and again。Mo Xiaosheng was murderous,He even wanted to throw this Li Junyi down in the next second。Just because he moved Joey,The scales in his heart。
“Mo Xiaosheng,Forget it,Forget it,People are fine,Do not impulse,Do not impulse。”Zhou Chen is sweating,Come up and persuade,People from the Propaganda Department are still waiting there,If you hurt Li Junyi,,It’s really hard to explain。
“I will let you go,I won’t just leave it alone!”There is no trace of emotion in Mo Xiaosheng’s tone。
After speaking, he shook Li Junyi’s hand abruptly,Then he picked up Qiao Yiyi and walked out,Also said:“Zhou Chen,fast,Find me a room,Then find a needle,be quick!”
“it is good,it is good!”