Shen Ruoxue answered with a smile,This girl and Liu Xiaoyun have been together for a long time,I dared to say anything a long time ago,If this was before,Don’t tell her,Even if she hears this, she will blush。

“Don’t need to understand this,You can see the way they look at us,And didn’t you see?Since we came,They just stayed outside the barracks watching us not leaving,To be precise, it should be reluctant to leave。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently。She didn’t directly answer Shen Ruoxue’s question,Although she really understands men,Although she is still a little girl to this day,She is the kind who has never really eaten pork,But I have seen too many little women who run pigs。
“Isn’t it!You have been observing the male soldiers?”
Shen Ruoxue asked in surprise。
“That didn’t!Why i observe them?I just saw it。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s awkward answer。
There are many things that do not need to be deliberately observed,Get a glimpse of the whole world,Especially a girl like Liu Xiaoyun who is extremely shrewd。
“Then why we haven’t observed these,You have observed this?Is there a handsome guy among those men who are interested in you??”
Shen Ruoxue started talking nonsense……
“You didn’t observe it because you didn’t use the basic skills of our special forces well.,That is no matter where you are,Always pay attention to the surrounding environment,This is what Sister Yanzi taught us repeatedly。”
Liu Xiaoyun again avoided answering the question directly,But subtly changed the topic,Of course, among the male soldiers opposite,Apart from Qin Liang, there is no male soldier who can interest her。
Qin Liang has already made her afraid to avoid it,How dare she be interested in other men anymore?。
“Did Sister Yanzi teach us this??Why don’t i remember。”
Shen Ruoxue started acting stupid。
“You don’t remember it is normal,In addition to delicious,You can hardly remember anything else。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately mocked Shen Ruoxue a few words。
“So what?to me:Good food is more important than anything!”
Shen Ruoxue’s resolute defender herself。
“I didn’t say what to do,This is also good,I actually envy you a lot of times,It’s a pity that I’m not as fond of you,Girls love to eat is never a disadvantage。”