Han Zhuo,It is even more fever.。

However,All in this,When I will continue。
not far away,A voice,Sound up。
Along with this voice,It is even more concern about those people around.,After brushing, I looked at it.。
no doubt,These things are here,What will be what is the point?,This is actually,From a fundamental,But let these people become anger。
Who,Who is it??
When they look at this side,I found a big gang,The radius straight to the eye。
Although these people are temporarily unclear,They are now encountered,Who is it?。
But here,They have http://www.ningbodianqi.cn a feeling。
That is now,These people they encountered,Absolutely not ordinary people。
Lu Fei Yu,See you in front of you,The next consciousness:“Leader?”
As Lufei’s words say,Those people around them are looking at the eyes。
no doubt,The feeling brought about this matter,It is even more in the heart of others.,Suddenly took out a feeling。
That is,Such a thing,Look,What’s even more。
And this time,Shen Xuan is a faint smile。
“kindness,How to encounter this kind of thing,Not to tell me?”
“Do you think,Your head leads me,Will you be afraid??”
When Shen Xuan’s words,Shen Xuan’s first step。
Han Zhuo gave you an Shenxuan,This moment,Han Zhuo itself,It is more able to feel。
This Shen Xuan gives people feel,Very different。
It seems to be a blade that is about to be a sheath.,People can’t resist。
http://www.fjmszx.cn And see here,Han Zhuo is a brow,Still not asking。
“you,It is the head of the war temple Shen Xuan.?”
Han Zhuo’s voice,Shen Xuan is a faceless expression。
“Since I know who I am?,So but also dare to provoke,my people?”
“you,Is it true??”
When Shen Xuan’s words,at this time,Han Zhuo’s side,Those people see,It’s two words.,Directly。
Along with these people,It’s all the water that will be blocked from the circumference.。
“Humph,What did you say,If you have this, you will say it again.。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,come,Even if you are the leader of the War Temple, how can you?,Could it be that,Do you think you can change this??”
“In fact, I want to say what I said.,Let’s everyone,Still don’t say so much nonsense with him.,confirm,Directly solved!”
This,With those people around,You have said that I am talking http://www.szippbx.cn here.。