Who wins and loses,It depends on time to talk。

“Kobe!”A phone that is both familiar and unfamiliar comes in。
“Hello there,Which?”
“I’m Tracy。”
Kobe is a little surprised,This high school competitor is a very introvert,I took the initiative to call myself today?
“Your game with penny,Great fight!”
“Hahaha,Of course。”
“I want to ask you,Basketball is better for a team like penny,Heroism is better。”
Did you start thinking about your own way of basketball before graduating from high school??Worthy of God’s darling Tracy McGrady,To know that the choice of the way of basketball is the only way to become a superstar。
“Go and feel it on the field,I look forward to seeing you in the NBA next year。”I need to walk my own path,It’s not that Kobe is unwilling to help him,All roads lead to Rome,But your own basketball skills must be understood by yourself,Not the teaching of others。
“cut,Don’t want to say?Kobe, you are still the same。”
“correct,Is your little brother Lamar still in high school??Wait, then,Kobe the Mistress,I’ll take the title of the nation’s number one high school student from him!”
Listening to the busy tone on the phone,Kobe secretly said this guy seems to be angry,Are you blaming me for not contacting him for so long??
There is no way,Next time I go to North Carolina,Call him out for a one-on-one education。
Must score this time,Convinced him to lose,Can’t let him deny it anymore。
Chapter One Hundred and One Marbury’s counterattack
After the Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic,They are next to a four-game home。