Shen Ruoxue still asked seriously,I can’t tell if she is happy or down。

Qin Liang really can’t give another answer,Have to keep going。
Shen Ruoxue stopped talking,Seems to be thinking about something,Qin Liang didn’t dare to ask her。
Eaten,Qin Liang suggested to see Liu Xiaoyun together,Shen Ruoxue immediately agreed,So the two drove straight to the hospital,On the way, Shen Ruoxue gave a detailed account of how Liu Xiaoyun led the death squad to break through the city.。
”This girl,Just desperately Sanniang,Hopeless,Ha ha。“
Qin Liang finished listening,I can only sigh so,But he knew in his heart:Special forces,What is needed most is that Liu Xiaoyun is not afraid of death like this,A warrior who dares to fight。
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Chapter Eighty Seven You are still alive?
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Chapter 807 You Are Still Alive?
”I said i’m going,She won’t do it,Also taught me a lesson,Humph。“