Hu Lai quickly said:“That one,coach……I booked a ticket for tomorrow afternoon……”

Li Ziqiang glanced at him,Indifferently:“Qingqing, don’t you say it earlier,I only cooked for the two of us when I was cooking.。”
“The coach is okay,I can only eat vegetables。”Hu Lai patted his chest and promised。
Li Ziqiang took a deep breath,Finally held back,Then get up:“I will cook,Talk slowly。”
When he walked into the kitchen,I also heard Hu Lai asking his daughter in the living room:“Is the injury better??”
at the same time,Li Qingqing received a WeChat message on her phone。
Hu Lai:“Why don’t you tell me your dad is here?”
Li Qingqing returned a message on the phone,While saying:“much better,Now dad takes me to physiotherapy every day……”
Li Qingqing:“I told you you won’t come?”
“The doctor said how long will it take to recover?”
Hu Lai:“That’s not enough,But I can bring some gifts for the coach……”
“Now it’s another month……”
Li Qingqing:“Did you come to see me or my dad??”
“That’s good,good news!”
Hu Lai:“Can’t you?One day as a teacher and life as a father!”
Li Qingqing saw these words from Hu Laihui,The corners of the mouth twitched,Did not speak,Quick typing:“I am your teacher too!”