Do you need rest now

Do you need rest now

There is someone in a lush park. In your gut, what is this person doing?


To enter the park 2.

Walking out of the park 3.

Always standing waiting for someone 4.

Lost and busy looking for a way 5.

I don’t know the test results: To enter the park: Your current psychology and physiology are very stable. If you encounter difficult things, you can handle them safely during this period.

  Walking out of the park: you are a bit tired now and need to take a break or change the atmosphere.

  Always standing and waiting for someone: It’s time for you to cheer. You must overcome the work of patience, so you can do it with confidence.

  Lost and busy looking for a way: Your mental strength is a little impatient, you have a bad temper, you need to be careful, and you are seriously damaged.

  I don’t know: Are you a little worried about your health now?

Actually nothing was wrong, and I was worried too much in advance.