Lin ranly did not give him an opportunity to open,Tang people sigh:

“His corpse should have shipped from the scorpion to Yinde County.。Grandmaster,do not worry。”
Tang adult in order to thank Lin,Prepared in advance of fifty two gold,These property compared to the belongings in the forest sleeves,Even the nine cow is not on,But in order to leave as soon as possible,Not much speech tongue,Lin ring is not polite,Directly accept,Anxiously hurriedly left the house。
Lin rang two people behind,Tang Dynasty people find someone in the gourd mountain。
the other side,Gourd,Maximum bandit head,The nickname, the road, the Tiger, Wang Yonglai, looked down at the mountains, and the lady who made a large household.。
The lady who was taken up to the mountains cried。
Wang Yonglai saw the filming of the filming of the filming.,Heart such as a knife。
The hand is proposed to give the two night pearls of the previous year to the lady.。
“Well-known,Women like sparkling things。”
Wang Yonglai feels reasonable。
When he opened the treasure house to get out of the two night pearls, the two night pearles that were robbed were given to the lady, and when she was so good.;As the treasure house door is opened,The scene inside makes the king of the knife, Wang Yonglai to take a breath.。
偌 大 宝 库,Before you have a full property,Different from air。
“Give me find,Give me three feet, I have to find it.。”
Wang Yonglai is a bandit to find lost property in the mountains.。
Good things don’t go out,Talented。
Soon other bandits have also received news。
But they have no jokes Wang Yong’s long time,Just find that your treasure gap is also moved.,Take a look at it,Ate。
Have a big thing,The heads on the whole gourd mountain are gathered together,Understand,Just one night’s time,The treasures of all bandits of the Hulus Mountain have been moved.。
The bandits are very horror。
If you can empty your treasure house in one night.,So, if you can move their head, you can move their head.。
Times of the bandits of Hulus Mountain,Everyone is self-dangerous。
When the news on the gourd mountain passed the official private sector to Jiankang City。
Tang Dynasty people around the house three steps and two steps to run into the book,On the side of the big mouth:
“Tang Dynasty,event,event。” “It is the bandits down the mountain.?Still, my mother is still aunt.?”
“This is not a big thing,More than this。You let me detect the news of Hulus Mountain.。”
“Let’s talk about how the master will take the bronze mirror from the bandits on the gourd mountain.。”
“Be not taken,Be moving。The master took the treasure of the three hundred bandits.。”
“You have not joked?”
“It’s true。Now that the bandits on the hills of Hulu are fearless,Even someone escaped the mountain。”
Tang big people breathe,The lingering thing makes him not cold and chestnut。
Take all the treasures of all the bandits on the gourd mountains in one night,It is no longer possible and。
Immortal,Correct,Can only be a fairy:
“housekeeper,Give the Lingling jade bracelet of my ancestors to Miss。”
“Which lady?Miss,Still Miss?”