Xiao Jixiang looked at my father,How did he take his sister to the outside??

Dry, but the daughter control,He is the rhythm of finding。
And Mu Ziyu did not feel this problem.。
I heard Kiki two words,Han Yuxuan is a bit soft between eyebrows.,“Uncle Mu,Recently, I met because of my work.。”
Han Jin listened to this,The eyes are also bright。
“Great Kiki is really beautiful.。”Mu Zizi, I am very happy to think about my own little daughter.。
Han Yuxuan unconscious lip,Some of the ear of the ear,Tone is also very light,“Very beautiful!”
嘿嘿……Your kid,It’s really a person than when I was a child.。”Mu Ziyou looked with Han Jin,“Han total,Children http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn like Yuxuan,I’m rarely now.。”
Han Jin did not be Mu Zijun, so optimistic,His son is bathe,But he intends to marriage with the land.,I don’t know what this kid thinks.。
“He is a hard bone,Sex is cold,I have to rely on you in the future.。”
“Say,Although I have a industry,But everyone is working together.,The opportunity is all the people who are prepared.,Yuxuan is already very hard。”
“Thank you Mu Uncle!”Han Yuxuan knows the ability of Mu Ziqi,He and his father,No one can more,State that keeps balanced。
But he believes,As long as there is a person back,This balance will be broken。
Blue and blue,The shadow of that is also very fire abroad。
Today is exactly in the hotel in Jiangyou。
“Becoming,Blue,You are coming。”
Muzi huns smiles to make Han Yuxuan very nervous。
He slightly lips,Standing in the rules。
“Continental,Lady。”Han Jin introduced:“This is my eldest son Han Yuxuan。”
“Lu Shu,Lu Auntie,Hello!”Han Yuxuan’s rules and tense。
Lu Hao Cheng has a consistent indifference style,Slightly。
Blue Xin to Han Yuxuan,When I was a child, I was very different.。
No a little bit of shadow。
“Yuxuan,We met again.,Many years,You are so handsome。”Blue Xin smiles and praises,Han Yuxuan, which grows up, really a table talent,See you。
“Thank you Lu Ayi.,You are also as beautiful as before。”Han Yuxuan is telling the truth,Although it has been in the past many years,But her appearance does not have much change。
“Huh……”Blue Xin smiles,“I also thank Xie Xuan’s praise.,I listened to Qi Qi.,You now have cooperation now,My family is very embarrassed.,That is always prone to,You can get a little tolerant。”
“Lu Auntie,Kiki is very capable,Her work is very good。”Han Yuxuan still has a few detention,But I still feel that Blue Xin, who I saw, treating him.。
He was very envious of Qiqi when he was a child.,They can live according to their own dreams,But also,Must live under the planning of parents。
Every day, you can’t finish your homework.,Captured business information every day,No personal entertainment time,Only such banquet dad http://www.lsmusic.cn will let him play。
The six children of Lu family work hard according to their favorite way.,No happiness lost in the age of the age,The same growth is very good。