The elder beside him gritted his teeth,Then sighed again,“Please punish your Highness the Son,This time we were too careless!”

The porcupine pursed his dry lips,“I didn’t expect that Tang Hao and Tang Xiao,Can actually use such a weird secret technique,The increase in attacks is too amazing”
Snake spear bowed“Please punish your Highness the Son!”
Obviously seven on two!Got six wounds and one death!This is for the dignity of every Wuhun Hall elder,Are very strong blows!
Xu Sheng saw their extremely gloomy expressions,Naturally know the reason。
Slowly and comforted“You elders don’t have to mind this,This time,Tang Hao’s appearance was also unexpected”
What suddenly rang from an elder,Suspiciously looking at Xu Sheng,“His Royal Highness the Son,I don’t know Tang Hao and Tang Xiao??”
If Tang Xiao and Tang Hao survived,Then their Wuhun Palace is dispatched this time,I really lost my wife and broke down!
Xu Sheng’s cold eyes glanced at the elder,“Tang Hao has been solved by me,Since then,There will be no Clear Sky Douluo in the mainland!”
Got this answer,The hearts of the elders of Wuhun Hall feel much better.……
After all, if you don’t get rid of Tang Hao at this moment,,Then its future is also a scourge!
The porcupine questioned“His Royal Highness the Son,Are we going to attack Clear Sky School now??”
Xu Sheng shook his head and rejected“No need,The elders and clansmen of the Clear Sky School probably all evacuated”