Losing weight is not about eating less.


Losing weight is not about eating less.

Nowadays, in the people who lose weight, they mainly oppose eating. Their basic point is that obesity comes from sputum. To lose weight, we must first try to eat less or not.

According to this point of view, some people often use natural aunts instead of natural aunts when cooking food. Some people do not eat good meals during weight loss, but only eat some weight loss formulas, drinks or biscuits, etc.s things.

銆€銆€So, does this practice of dieters really achieve the goal of losing weight?

The answer is no.

銆€銆€According to statistics from a foreign obesity study, 22% of people in the United States now do not eat or eat a small amount of food, but 34% are too obese, and too many people are too many years ago.However, about 26%.

A nutritionist in Germany believes that if every 100 grams of impurities containing 900 calories are converted to greatly reduce other food substitutions, then the body will produce the usual desired transformation, and the brain will send a signal of heat.Let you go to eat earlier.

Moreover, this will give people the illusion that eating is a food with less transition, and it doesn’t matter if you eat more. As a result, you will eat more than usual, and even lose weight, but increase your weight.

銆€銆€French nutritionists have also suggested that it is not good for health to exclude a small number of foods. Some fatty acids are needed for life and cannot be created by human metabolism.

Of course, it is not good to take too many people, and each person has about 60 grams of cockroaches per day, which is enough for the human body.

Experts believe that the correct way to avoid excess weight is to take a reasonable and balanced diet.

A person’s normal diet should contain 40 kinds of nutrients. The key is to make them appropriate in quantity and reasonable in towers: the most recommended ones are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The ladder diet structure is most beneficial for weight loss.

The key to losing weight is not to eat less, but whether the diet structure is reasonable and whether the nutrition is balanced.