Tantrum is better than sulking


Tantrum is better than sulking

For most people, losing a temper is generally a bad thing.

However, a recent study published by American scientists shows that when people feel angry and want to lose their temper, if they can be released in time, it will benefit their own body and bring opportunities for longevity.

銆€銆€Research by American scientists shows that those who are unwilling to vent their dissatisfaction or like to suppress anger are likely to change their lives.

The results of the study also show that those who have lived for a long period of time basically belong to the type of “having a temper.”

銆€銆€The results of the study show that suffocation is not conducive to the heart, and it also affects the normal work of the immune system and causes changes in the hormones in the brain.

Therefore, with the suffocation of being angry with yourself, it is better to reduce the dissatisfaction and effectively reduce the adverse effects of the external environment on the human body.

Although the civilized world often reminds me to exercise restraint and calmness, in daily life, many people’s way of losing their temper is nothing more than roaring toward their family. If they have pets, they will even kick it a few feet.

The researchers believe that although these methods are not elegant, people should have a humanized understanding of people who have lost their temper, because it is better to vent their dissatisfaction in a certain way than to anger in order to cause a gentleman’s demeanor.More conducive to health.