How to remove the front acne?


How to remove the front acne?

Some MM blacks do not have acne, but have long backs.

Summer is hot. How can you get acne muscles when you go to the beach in a swimsuit?

Today, I will teach you 5 tricks, let you reproduce the white and clean beauty in a week.

Don’t worry about going to the beach?
Causes of acne on the back, acne on the back is because the upper part of the body has a relatively strong secretion of oil, coupled with the stuffiness and friction of clothes, the pores are very impermeable, so it is easy to grow acne.

  2. Back acne is related to endocrine and P. acnes infection.

  3. In addition to some internal reasons, there are also some external reasons. Some people sweat easily at the back, and the sweat is not discharged in time, which will cause pores to be blocked, which will also cause acne.

  Acne on the back, acne method: 1. Detox method Detox method means to clear the internal fire and expel toxins from the body.

Clearing the fire is the best way to get acne.

You can choose to eat detox capsules or aloe capsules. In addition to eating this capsule, you can also drink honey water to let the toxins in the body be quickly discharged.

  2, cleansing method to clean the skin in place.

Use warm water when bathing at night to keep your pores open.

After cleaning, spray some toner.

Also, before you take a bath, make sure your body is warm enough. After the pores are open, put some salt on your back and massage with a bath brush for 1 minute. The intensity is moderate, which can eliminate inflammation, sterilization and acne.

  3, perspiration method: do more exercise, make the face sweat, let the toxins smoothly discharge, this can also achieve the effect of acne.

  4, internal adjustment method If the cause of your acne is related to endocrine, then choose some Chinese medicine to regulate, Chinese medicine can fundamentally solve these problems.

  5. External products Acne products In addition to the internal conditioning, you can also choose an acne product that suits you.

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