“He is really joking!”The mistress of the Sheng family who was looking slantingly confessed that。

Crying,Doesn’t it seem to be joking?,A few doctors in white clothes are very funny,Temporarily put down the work at hand to watch the excitement。
Single eyelid,Poor taste,Not very reliable,Kind of sissy,“Leave the property to me and die!”The more I thought about it, the more I felt wronged, Fang Yourong cried bitterly and pulled the quilt up.。
what!!!Fang Yourong jumped from the floor in a handful of white sheets。
Grabbing Xiao Fang’s ears,Aunt Shengjia can’t bear it anymore,Is this a joke??
Fang Youong, who is both mentally and visually frightened, can bear the pain in his ears,Staring at the person inside the white sheet that was lifted,Where’s the uncle?Who is this uncle?
The uncle who was lying on the hospital bed with his face covered and pretending to be dead also looked at the young man who was confused and cried and asked him to leave his inheritance to him.,“you……who is it?Why should I leave the inheritance to you?”
“Sorry,……”Fang Yourong, who had already known to be the protagonist of Oolong again, was tossed aside by pinching his ears,The familiar embrace and the smell that caught him made him froze,No need to guess at all,That was his house just came back!
Ignore the little party who made trouble,“father。”Sheng Jia’s sister and Sheng San respectfully past。Actually, I can’t blame Xiaofang for making such an oolong just now,It was not just Xiaofang,They were also dumbfounded by the atmosphere of their faces covered by white sheets,Fortunately, Xiao Fang can’t hold it first,otherwise,They are going to cry too。
This is the male host of the Sheng family?Xu Yi quickly followed the rules and salute,This is the first time I have seen my father-in-law,Hurry up and leave a good impression。
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