Fifteen minutes later,Yang Zhi arrived with all the special forces。

“Boss,We came to your house so armed,If you are seen by neighbors when you enter the door,Do you think we came from armed robbery?,Secretly call the police?”
Yang Zhiyi saw Qin Liange,Just made a joke。
“cut,With my little snow,Give you a hundred more courage,You dare not。”
Didn’t wait for Qin Liang to speak,Liu Xiaoyun answered first。
“amount……This one……I can not……Give me a thousand more courage,I don’t dare……”
Yang Zhi immediately persuaded,Stammering,Then I saw Shen Ruoxue who was more beautiful than before,I couldn’t leave her immediately……When she saw Shen Ruoxue’s small face, her face instantly became red……
“All right,We will return to the base immediately,Everyone rest for fifteen minutes,Leave immediately in 15 minutes。In addition to the individual equipment of each of us,All other stored ammunition equipment and heavy weapons are handed over to the Rose Army。”
Qin Liang gave the order again。
So everyone got busy,Murong Shan, who was upstairs, heard the movement,And came downstairs with Murong Xiaoyao。
“What are they doing?”
Murong Shan walked to the silly Shen Ruoxi’s side,Ask quietly。
“They are going to the battlefield……”
Shen Ruoxi answered in a low voice。
Murong Shan was taken aback……
Fifteen minutes will come soon。