“fool,for you,I don’t live in my life.,More impossible to abandon you。”Lin Feng soft:“Don’t think about it??”

“I just warn you.。”Becue Yin Yin Lin Fengyi:“Let it go,Go out。”
“You can’t do it.?”Lin Feng Road:“Can also walk away?”
“Why not?”Bei Xue Yinmei white Lin Feng glance,Then come out from Lin Feng’s arms,Then I finally sorted out the blouse。
“Any difficulties must tell me。”Lin Feng hugged the Beckham:“I will accompany you to the airport.。”
“no need。”Becue shakehead:“Xiaoyan is not used to flying,She directly opens your car back。”
“this is not OK,What should I do if someone attacked in the way??”Lin Feng hesitated,He remembers something that he and Dongxing drive to hit the lama。
“You?,The skill of Xiaoyan is not what you can imagine.。”Becai Xueyin is not a good way:“Don’t think you have to drive people with your own and Dongxing.,Feel the danger of danger。”
“You also know?”Lin Feng was surprised。
“Xiaoyu told me。”Belle whispers:“No one has this courage to intercept her in China.,And the Miao nationality and the outside world have almost no grievances.,Of course, you will not encounter your bold people.。”
“Hey-hey,How can you sleep with your wife?。”Lin Feng wrote a smile。
“See your beauty,You http://www.yiqiaohaishen.cn gave me a clear,I am leaving,You can have a cold at home.,But other women are dare to move,I won’t waste you.。”Bei Xue Yin smiles,I grabbed the bodge of Lin Feng’s life.。
“I don’t have this courage.,Don’t have this heart。”Lin Feng Road。
“Wang Xinyu, you can also consider!”Bechang Sudden。
“How do you mention her??She is Wang Ting’s sister.!”Lin Feng face calm:“Can’t open this joke。”
“I have not joked,The little scorpion likes the sister,This seems to be the mainstream of society,And you are so good,She is not bad,I am allowed to。”Bei Xue Yin smiles。
“Wife,Your right is too big.,All right,Don’t talk about this。”Lin Feng Road:“I must tell me when I started to sway the nine magic.,I also went with Jinlong Ge.,By the way, tell you good news。”
“What good news?”Becue is confused。
“According to the http://www.yuyaoshop.cn statement,Now Jinlong brother with you,You occupy a big advantage,As long as you have the strength of the martial art level, you can。”Lin Feng explained。
“Yes。”Bei Xueyin:“Your meaning is golden brother strength improvement?”
“good,It will grow a lot in a short time.。”Lin Feng nodded:“Plus me to teach his monitonymous,It takes you no problem。”
“real?husband?”Bai Xueyin heard the surprise,She is tightly holding Lin Feng。
“real,me too,It will also be able to skyrocket once in a short time.,Don’t worry about me.。”Lin Feng hugged the Beckham:“It can be said that you have passed the nineweights.。”
“I’m so happy。”Bei Xueyin squinted with Lin Feng Road:“husband,do not worry,I will work hard.。”
“I am relieved to have this sentence.,My wife will become a king。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“come on!”
Belle is a little bit:“Let it go,Let’s go out.。”
Lin Fengnhen immediately opened the door of the toilet,Then both have left out if they don’t have something wrong.,The two came to the living room.,Sitting on the sofa in the living room,姬 小 姨,Beninde,Beihai,Night cold。
“姨,Sea brother,Shu Shu,You come too.。”Lin Feng smiled and tried his response,The face is embarrassed,He knew that he didn’t pull the Baixue to go to the toilet.。
“Fly a few days,First arrived home。”Liu Yan is white, Lin Feng。
“Maple。”Benin also smiled and greeted。
“Stinky boy!”Beihai also left,A punch in Lin Feng’s shoulder:“I really want to dissect you.。”
“Anatomy I do?”Lin Feng went up and came up with a bear.,He and Beihai are always brothers。
“Anatomy how you practice?Your kid has recently been more and more powerful.。”Beihai looked at Lin Feng Road:“Running to Donghai, actually broke out such a big head。”
He returned to a family,Ate some medicine,This is hard to impose a half-step martial art.,However, Lin Feng people directly took him more than a dozen streets.。
“Who let you go back to the family。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Follow me fly faster,Big fly,A strong, they have long been in the realm of half-step martial arts.,Long Shu is now a real martial art,Dongxing is also。”
“I rubbed!”Beihai heard a sentence,He has a impulse。
Lin Feng’s face is exposed,Take the shoulder of Beihai:“rest assured,I will help you.,After sending the snow,I will wash your marrow for you.,Let your foundation fight firm,Pressure for a while,I will send you a medicinal medicine.,Let you hit the martial art!”
“it is good,It is worthy of good brothers!”Beihai heard the words。
to be honest,Although he is a member of Beijia,But the rule of Beijia owned,There are also many members of Bayu.,There are hundreds of people who have a generation of young people.,Beninde loves,This is the Bechang and Becha.,And the other male woman,Multi-breeding。