“The dog can’t spit out ivory,You rogue!I’ll ignore you anymore。”Zhong Manxia was hurt by my unscrupulous tooth。

I quickly put away my joke,True color:“you giveGGThe company sent it over,I will see if I can find a way to put your clothes first in the toll area,The probability of winning this way increases!”
Zhong Manxia really didn’t expect me to say such bragging words,airway:“GGYou can command a company such a big company?I didn’t see it,You are so unreliable,Also like to talk big,It seems that I have to re-examine the relationship with you,Be careful to be cheated by you and count the money for you。”
I laughed:“Since you don’t believe me,Think i’m bragging,Then we might as well make a bet。”
“Okay,Gamble,You have to be able to commandGGthe company,I’ll leave it to you。”Zhong Manxia really doesn’t believe I have this ability,So speaking is decisive,Without hesitation。
“Leave it at my disposal,I dare not deal with you,Then if you lose, let me kiss,I will let you kiss if I lose,how is it?”Since the two showed their hearts,I feel a lot easier in front of Zhong Manxia,I always want to joke with her to tease her。
“OK,Kiss and kiss,As long as you have this ability。what!Do not!You are too bad,I want to hang up,Ignore you。”It took a long time for Zhong Manxia to realize that she was fooled by me,Hate her teeth,If he is around,Maybe it’s already a big deal。
I think the joke is almost the same,Go on,She became so angry that she really hung up the phone,The situation is not good,Hurry up:“I’m wrong,Sorry queen!We make a bet like this,I won,You let me kiss,I lose and promise you anything。”
“It’s almost,Row!It’s so decided,I sent the sketches out today,You are responsible for getting it approved,And then appeared first in the paid works。”Zhong Manxia is quite satisfied with this bet,Win or lose yourself。
I won and proved his ability is stronger than imagined,Being your boyfriend is definitely enough,It’s not a big problem to give your boyfriend a kiss!I lost,He promised himself one thing,That’s also pretty good。
I am also quite satisfied,Because I am very confident to let the old fox Xiao Teng obediently listen to his own words。So both of them are happy,Hit it off。
Zhong Manxia asked me how to arrange the next few days,He said:“I’m going to school in advance these days,Find a martial arts school to study。”
“Yes indeed,About your fighting so hard,Asked you a few times,You didn’t answer me,You must tell me honestly today,Otherwise I will……”Want to ignore him,But if you really ignore yourself, you will be tortured,In the end the words became:“I’ll hit you!”No deterrent,It’s just acting like a baby to her boyfriend。
I laughed:“Actually,It’s very simple,Not as complicated as you think。Want to say i will fight,It’s up to you。”
Zhong Manxia’s strange way:“Will you fight,It’s not my business,I didn’t let you fight,Really weird。Don’t push the responsibility on me!”
I explained:“That was not what I meant,Since I first saw you,I was shocked,I was short and thin,You haven’t even looked at me。I am very excited,Decide to exercise,So I went to the sports field to run every day,I didn’t expect you to be there,I have more motivation to persist,Just persisted for a year.,I am taller,Body becomes stronger,reaction speed、The power is much stronger than before。To redeem your brother that day,Is the first fight in my life,Simply those few people are not so good,I just react faster than them,Put them down。”