“They didn’t treat you like!”

Lin Yun asked with concern。
“No,They said my bank card was stolen,Just caught me,But I obviously took it from the drawer。”
Lin Yun turned to look at the purple bank card on the table,Lost in thought。
She has seen this card,Seems to have some impression…
correct!When Qin Shi brought himself to buy a car,This is the card!
Qin Shi also heard Zhang Man’s words at this time,Glanced around,I found the Amethyst bank card on the table,Isn’t that my own。
Pick up the card,Put it in front of the dean,Qin Shi said:“You mean my mom stole this card?”
Qin Shi’s hand relaxed,But I still struggle with the dean,Just can’t get out。
“Yes!Do you know the origin of this card!”
Qin Shi slapped the dean hard on the face,Leave a bright red palm print,And the dean’s dumb expression。
“Your mother steals,You hit me?”
The manager was furious,I have never seen such an unreasonable person!
“This is the card I gave to my mom,Why did it become a steal?”
Dean Xindao is really an ignorant family,If you want to know the background of this card,I’m scared to pee my pants。
The dean pointed at Qin Shi,Stammer。
“you…You’re dead,You are absolutely dead!”
What’s wrong with this aunt?,I just stole a rare amethyst card in the world!And this kid said it was his,Even hit people,I’m sorry if I don’t have a life time!
“I’m dead right,it is good。”