40Jordan,Of course not with22Iverson comparison。

Kobe snorted,But still nodded。
This breakthrough,Two people passed,Also bypassed the last player’s block,Direct dunk,Shows Shen Huan’s extremely fast speed and strong competition ability。
In the next game,Shen Huan took a more serious attitude than the previous two days,Go all out to smash the opponent’s basket。
Shen Huan’s firepower is on,Ignore all defenses when attacking,Direct 3-pointer without a chance to rush in,If there is a chance to jump in, just jump straight in。
On defense,Shen Huan also rebounds,Close defense、Cap,He is everywhere。
Iverson looked excited,Even after standing up once,Didn’t sit down anymore,Cheer for Shen Huan wholeheartedly。
Kobe’s face is starting to be less serious,There was a slight smile gradually。
Especially when I saw that Shen Huan was actually carrying the other one210Cm、Weight at least230Big man,Crushing all the way pushed him from the three-point line to the basket,After another leap dunk,Kobe can’t help it,Jump up and shout loudly!
This Nima is simply the stunt of that fat man!
But Shen Huan is compared to the fat man,Height and weight are not at the same level,Even compared to the small fat guy who is working as a commentator,All smaller。
As a result, Shen Huan’s explosive power and strength,Not inferior to the two fat guys。
Whether Kobe wants to admit it or not,When he won the championship,When I was partnering with that fat guy O’Neill。
Two later champions,It really exhausted Kobe’s countless energy and efforts,Just barely got。
But the Lakers want to add such a big center to Kobe,Kobe himself is not willing。
Because he wants to show the world,He didn’t rely on O’Neal to win the championship。